Thursday, April 10, 2008

Garden Update

The hanging tomato's are really coming along well. Strangely the top plant is a small Cherry tomato that honestly I didn't think would do that good. In the next picture you will see three of the cherry tomatoes in the right container, they were potted a day after the hanging plant was finished. Notice how much better the top plant is doing compared to the container tomatoes. They get the same level of light the only difference is that the hanging pot is watered daily and all the excess is drained so the soil is always moist but not water logged.

Growing from the bottom of the planter are Beef Steak tomatoes. I have had some good luck with these fat fruits and, as you can see from the third picture, am hoping for some edible produce soon. Notice the growth on the hanging beef steak compared to the ones planted upright in the container on the left. As with the cherry tomatoes these beef steaks were planted one day after the hanging ones. Again the only difference is the soaked then drained soil.

I have three containers with three tomatoes in each in a different room. Each container was planted about two weeks apart. They all have tomatoes in some stage of development on them but as of right now none are ready for consumption.

My beans did a very weird thing. I had planted a couple of containers with Contender variety bush green beans. There were three plants in each container. They grew, flowered and started producing in a very short time frame, maybe three weeks. The plants were about 16 inches high with very few leaves but probably 12 to 16 beans on each.

As the beans started to mature everyone of the plants broke over about 5 inches up on the stalk, they just snapped over. I used some coat hangers to prop them up until I could harvest, they did not re-flower. I need to try to reproduce this, I love the quick maturing but am concerned about the stability of the plant. They outgrew their ability to support themselves, a metaphor for our modern times.

The peas are doing well, growing but no flowers yet. Dogs are enjoying the wheatgrass but I have not gotten a juicer so cannot attest to the miraculous healing powers of the nasty stuff. It is nice to watch it grow and wheat grass makes a great centerpiece for the table.

I have one carrot left, I don't think they are designed for container gardens seeing that all but the one has died.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

On Vacation

I am on vacation until April 10th. Will not be able to post, should have some interesting stuff after I get back.