Monday, October 6, 2008

Stop the apocalypse, I'm out of whiskey!!!

When the historians write of this period, the Great Decline, they will credit insatiable greed and unchecked corruption as the destroyer of the most technologically advanced and bountifully blessed society in world history.

I bugged out on Thursday assuming the passage of the fake bailout bill, the elite have once again secured their future at the expense of the workers. Paulson knew the markets were set to implode so the bill had to pass Friday at the latest, he also knew it would do nothing to stop the Great Decline.

I am happily sitting in my offgrid solar powered cabin working on my sun room and thinking of all the little niceties that will no longer be Dingo Bones and Charmin Care WITH Lotion.

There will be no recovery, the golden age is over. The pundits spin the Great Decline as a cycle downturn...everything will return to normal after the credit market stabilizes and people start borrowing and buying again. This will not happen...That created the problem. The future holds a massive population die off and the establishment of regional economic systems. Globalism is dead.

Buy some chickens and plant a winter garden.

Take Care Everyone


Anonymous said...

Franky, I'm tired of globalism anyway.

Mayberry said...

Wish I could do the same....

theotherryan said...

Having a good stash of booze is essential to any SHTF situation.

Staying Alive said...

I am sitting about as good as God has allowed me. If I get anouther Social Security check I will prep some more. But then again, I always prep. The wife preps also but is unable to listen to the Doomers like I do. It rattle her cage too much. Hang in there, Big Bear!


Cath said...

Toilet paper is for wussies anyway. lol But while we have it, I'm gonna enjoy every square inch of it! 658 rolls of kitten softness to go...bwahaha

treesong said...

We'll just keep prepping as long as we can. I am looking for more "alternatives" around here, so I've made a few phone calls to the four other people I know in this entire area and asked them to save me their Yellow Books. Of course, they all wanted to know what I wanted those "heavy" things for. Told them the pages are great for wrapping dishes in but, really, I'm storing them for extra toilet paper.

tansy said...

your posts make me smile (in agreement). i like your humor.

thanks to this post title, i just remembered i need to stock up on yeast for mead making purposes.

Michael Hawkins said...

Dire situation, the current state of affairs discomforts me, and I want to be lied to.

My BA is one year away, the chemical industry is still holding strong, (face it, you'll be using superglue for as long a you can, and you've got no intention of ever giving up on plastic goods)... I'll get a job, I'm sure I will!

So ... I -close to- cleared out my bank account and invested in some basic long term food products and cooking supplies; I'm just a poor student living with the old folks, stop scaring me :(