Friday, February 6, 2009

Globalization Is The Enemy

Globalization is the enemy. Make no mistake it does not matter if Obama or McCain is the president. It does not matter which party is in control. The economic demise America is experiencing is an engineered transfer of wealth whose end is the destruction of the middle classes in every country on the planet and the installation of one all powerful world government.

The lie the globalists used was that by increasing the number of middle class workers in developing nations America would find new markets for their products. Honestly this might have worked unfortunately the corporations maintained their third world laborers in slave labor conditions and pocketed the profits. So rather than equalizing wages around the globe money flowed from the American citizens to the globalists bank accounts.

When corporations, with our governments blessing, started sending our manufacturing jobs to countries that utilize slave labor it was over for America. Logically we were never meant to compete, it was not possible. Our manufacturing jobs were sent to China. A technology bubble was created to placate the upset masses. These replacement jobs were then shipped to India after we developed the systems.

To dampen the American workers loss we were given cheap credit and a booming housing market. All middle class jobs were being shipped overseas at the same time home prices were skyrocketing…did this really make any sense to anyone. All those displaced workers took up employment in the housing industries. Everyone made huge money and no one noticed the strip-mining of our most valuable resource…our jobs.

The wonderful housing bubble also allowed for the entrapment of the remaining American middle class workers in “debt slavery”. Through declining wages, cleaver legislation and the “American Dream” the globalists thought that Americans would simply work themselves to death in an ever decreasing jobs market trapped in their overpriced homes.

This did not happen. As the American workers started sensibly abandoning their upside down mortgages en mass the global elite demanded payout from our government. The banks were given literally trillions in tax payer dollars under the guise of stimulating lending and restarting the massive consumption engine that is America. Instead the loan industry hoarded the money investing in things like toll roads, private prisons and security agencies. All of this legislatively hidden from the American public!

While all this was going on the worlds governments were instituting policies and procedures to combat “terrorism”. The big, bad war on terror is nothing more than a smoke screen that allows the corporate/government complex to install public control mechanisms in an unmolested and patriotic manner. So when it does fall apart in the “developed” nations and the people figure out they have been screwed over it will be easy to maintain control. This is where we are at today.

Tomorrow or Monday Congress will pass a trillion dollar stimulus bill to create jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. It will not work…the stimulus bill will not restart our consumption economy…but that not its real purpose. Our globalist masters will need good roads to fully strip our land and enslave the indebted American public. We still have the largest most productive farmlands in the world and they will need good workers to till and plant.

Don’t worry about the trillion dollars added to our national debt…the republic is dead.

Now I am gonna have a beer and watch another episode of buffy. Tomorrow I will tell you about my tractor.


HermitJim said...

Good posdt. I think it pretty well says it all!

Can't wait to hear about the tractor...

The Urban Survivalist said...

You believe all of this yet you still wholeheartedly support Obama? This is a guy who wants to go full speed ahead and make sure that there's no turning back by the time his first term is over. His trusty sidekick Biden wants it as badly as he does. McCain might have been just as enthusiastic about the plan but at least Palin would have been in the background fighting it the whole way.

I don't believe that there is a globalist plot to take over the world and enslave the population. I do believe that there are some arrogant, power hungry people out there who think that they know what's best for us better than we do. These are people who think that everyone is too stupid to take care of themselves. If we would just do what they tell us like good little sheep then the world would be a better place for everyone. Meanwhile, don't worry about what they're doing themselves. They know better and it's OK for them to make judgement calls like that. Obama is this globalist, elitist attitude personified. How you can ride his sack so hard and still have this viewpoint absolutely dumbfounds me.

Anonymous said...

If Arnold Toynbee's works were requirements to pass American history and civics in our nation's high schools, then we would have avoided this mess that we are in now all together.

Anonymous said...

You are right on. It does not matter if it was Obama or McCain. Some will never get this. You have insight in this post that so much of the world can't begin to believe or fathom. The plan has been in place for decades. We, unfortunately, get to be around when TSHTF. What is going on is well orchestrated. There is an elite crowd that will be well protected and we are going to serve them or die. Those of you going on and on against Obama need to wake up.McCain would NOT have been any better. And the new stimulus plan will make no difference one way or another. The crap from the last one is coming out now. Our elected officials in Washington are not in charge. They are puppets trying to protect their own behinds.

shakyoten said...

My friend, I started to read you post on Globalization and steeled myself for another "talk show host fueled rant". So I was pleasantly surprised and heartened to read a well thought out observation of our situation.

I have a Masters degree in International Law and Diplomacy and am pretty able to separate the coherent arguments from the conspiracy buffs. You have a coherent observation (unfortunately).

I too do not believe that there is any globalist plot, but Adam Smith's "invisible hand" is a Bitch! Combined with having granted "human rights" to non-human corporations and we have created a perfect vehicle for exploitation.

Well, I do think there is one global conspiracy.. Darth Cheney! and unlike some I think Palin was just his shill.

Peace and success in your pursuit.

Mike said...

I agree... and unfortunately there's more to it than that.

The saddest part is that most American's will continue to cling to their old consumerism based American dream and diligently keep their noses to the grindstone as they go into debt slavery.

They will also fail to realize that they can choose more freedom, the way you have, by cutting their dependency on outside forces and becoming more self-sufficient... much like the people that settled this country... and lived here for thousands of years before the white settlers came.

The biggest challenge facing those of us who get it... is the millions that don't get it yet.

My hope for the stuff Obama is doing is that it:

1. Slows the collapse or at least keeps the masses peaceful enough to coexist with them... or...
2. They finally wake up and tear this whole thing down and elect an entirely new government based on the Constitution again.

My guess is that #2 is so unlikely to expect from the sheeple around us and that #1 is a such a long shot that we're really in for a TEOTWAWKI #3.

Thanks for the insight BigBear. Love your blog. Can't wait to hear about your tractor. :-) said...

Yes, the idea was to cheapen labor by outsourcing it to billions of potential workers in third world countries.

In order to keep your job you are going to have to be willing to work for subsistence wages. It has been planned that way.

No get back to work!

Anonymous said...

This current "Stimulus Package" isn't about fixing the economy, it is all about the move towards Socialism. The Gov just took over many of our biggest companies, and they are going after the banks next. The whole economy crisis is the perfect vehicle for this takeover. I would not be surprised at all to see this end in a civil war, if America ever wakes up to the truth. In the meantime, I am making my preparations much like my friend Bear. Like-minded people need to stick together in these times. It is our best shot at survival.

Mayberry said...

Well put Big Bear, but I too must point out a tad bit of hypocracy as stated by Urban Survivalist. Maybe unintentional on your part, but there none the less..... Obammy is most definitely in the NWO/globalist tank.....

Mo said...

I'm not sure how bad it will get or how much we will tolerate before we take action. I don't like the direction our nation is headed but I have to believe the tsunami of stupidity has to end sometime. I'm just hoping there are enough pieces left to start over.

Cool site. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Anonymous said...

This is about "taking advantage of a crisis to change the country". By the time you "wake up" you will have lost the country you once had. The few jobs left in this country will be filled by all the new "citizens" who will work for less. The ONLY thing I can see that looks the slightest bit hopeful is that they made a mistake and moved too fast, too far, too soon. A lot of people are really pissed off.