Saturday, November 28, 2009

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance In Massive Declining

As the number of companies carrying employer sponsored health insurance declines so do the health insurance profits. Rather than actually providing an affordable product to the American public the health insurance industry is simply buying congressmen who will force Americans to purchase these unnecessary policies to support their bloated industry profits.

These numbers don't lie. More and more American companies are being force to abandon health insurance for their employees do to skyrocketing costs. Rather than fix the problem congress is rubber stamping a health insurance industry written bill that will simply mandate that all Americans buy their product.

This is not free market. The health "reform" bill currently moving through congress will force American workers to purchase private health insurance over the necessities of life such as food and shelter on the threat of imprisonment. The IRS becomes the collection agency for the insurance industry breaking our backs for health insurance profits.

Source Economic Policy Institute 


Anonymous said...

B-Bear, please see my prior comments and watch the videos mentioned in them as you find the time. My comments were placed under your title called - Affordable Health Care for America Act

Did it MY way said...

Time for Americans to stand up and say NO! I say NO. If you can find me get ready to lock me up.

See Ya

Anonymous said...

Uhmm, you neglected to mention how unemployment drives lower insurance coverage - when a sole provider to a family of four is laid off that results in four people without insurance coverage. Try as you might to spin the facts, you cannot blame that on insurance cost.

My family health insurance cost actually declined this year; same plan, an additional insured and the management unit is now in an older age bracket. YMMV.

Why do you insist on attacking a symptom (insurance rates), rather than the core cause(health CARE cost)? The cost of insurance reflects the underlying cost to indemnify against health care expenses. Your viewpoint makes as much sense as a doctor prescribing aspirin for the symptomatic pain of a broken arm, rather than treating the underlying cause.

Anonymous said...

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BigBear said...

I actually don't care about the health insurance industry. I do care about the Federal Government forcing mandatory participation in a private industry.

My solution has always been to allow all Americans to buy into Medicare. This would spread the cost of Medicare across lower risk groups. Then leave the private health insurance industry completely alone.

Real simple plus it provides competition to the health insurance industry.

I am glad your rates are dropping but you are certainly in the minority. Frankly health insurance is a parasite industry which is completely unnecessary.