Monday, January 11, 2010

The Dogs Love Global Warming

Super nice here today it has been incredible here all weekend. About 1:30 and the thermometer is reading 62.5 degrees. Many parts of the country are still experiencing deep cold fortunately most of that has missed me. A couple of days last week it got a little cold at night down around zero but all in all not that bad.

I have been up cutting wood on the ridge and dogs have spent the day playing and sunning on the deck. I think they were hunting either a mouse or rabbit in the picture. They have been out there all day. Was able to open up the house past couple of days and air out the dust and general stink I create.

Last year January through April were really warm with little snow. I am hoping that the trend continues this year. Some people like the cold and snow...I don't. The low humidity here in the high desert means that even temperatures in the 30's can be short sleeved days.

Global warming does not mean we won't have cold winters...winters are supposed to be cold. Global warming simply states that overall temperatures are slowly increasing globally and have been over the past 130 year...which is the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Living things, industrial activity, transportation, and energy consumption all produce heat. Basic 2nd law of thermo, kids. More people, more industrial activity, more moving around, more energy consumption = More heat.
Heat is energy too, and energy can't be destroyed (1st law of thermo, kids). Thus, global anthrogenic warming coinciding with the massive increase in human population, and massive increase in energy consumption, transportation, and industrial activity of the last 130 years.
Disclosure: I am a professional mechanical engineer.