Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Home Survivalist's Handbook - Now Available Through Amazon

A great survival guide for people living in the city. Violent storms driven by global climate change and Americas crumbling infrastructure are two major problems faced by our country. When the lights go out you don’t want to be at the mercy of government aid or local faith organizations! The Home Survivalists Handbook is a great guide with practical advice for surviving any emergency from the comfort and safety of your own home.

The Home Survivalist's Handbook is now available through Amazon as well as Kindle!

Sometimes “gettin’ the hell outta Dodge” just isn’t an option. Finally, a survival guide for the average Joe or Jane. The Home Survivalist’s Handbook is designed to help urbanites hold down the fort during a crisis, so that they can get back to life when things return to normal. This practical, concise, well-structured and easy to read guide provides simple solutions to making your home prepared for any disaster, small or large, that may arise. The Home Survivalist’s Handbook will help you and yours through short-term and long-term crisis. From a week without water to a complete breakdown in society’s infrastructure, you’ll be ready for most any event. The Home Survivalist’s Handbook is a must have in any house or apartment.

Features: survival scenarios, real life examples, easy to use check-lists, and survival tips for every household.

The Home Survivalist's Handbook is an informative guide for anyone who loves city living but wants to be prepared for anything nature or man throws their way!