Thursday, December 27, 2007

Full Moon

Full Moon on December 23, 2007.

We were frantically gathering firewood when I noticed the moon rising in the east. My partner and I always spend Christmas at the cabin and in a rush to leave the house we forgot the chain saws. It was bitterly cold, I usually just start the kerosene heater until the wood stove warms up but fuel was forgotten with the saws. So we cut up enough dead wood for the night with a life saving bow saw.

Monday morning a friend of ours from town brought us out a load of firewood. It was the first time I every purchased firewood and I loved it. I will never cut wood again.

We had a great time after the house warmed up and spent a few relaxing days enjoying the peace and quiet. We ate, drank, entertained some friends and pretty much had a wonderful Christmas.


laylow said...

Sounds wonderful. You're doing with this cabin and lifestyle change what I would love to do with my girlfriend someday. I'm not sure how much longer I can take living in a big city.

BigBear said...

I like the challenge.

You should buy a small piece of land and just start. If you have the land you can always get away from the city if even for a weekend. It makes a big difference.

The Hermit said...

I second what Bigbear says... find and buy the land... even if you just tent camp or car camp on it for a while, it's a good place to retreat to, and it's good to get to know the land before you build anything on it.