Saturday, December 1, 2007

Update on the Farm

This is just a quick update on how the farm is coming along. The big planter in the foreground has two bean bushes and a pea plant. The far container holds three tomato plants started in mid October. The lower flat hold the rest of the tomatoes.

On Sunday more of the tomatoes will be replanted into larger containers. There are three tomatoes per container. Hopefully the fourteen inch planters are large enough for that number.

The rest of the farm is located in another south facing window in the other room. Grow space is becoming an issue and some shelves are going to be necessary in the next few weeks. The above plants are located in a south window on the back porch. There is really good sun but no heat in that part of the house so those plants are brought into the kitchen at night and sit for a few more hours under a low wattage plant lamp.

The beans and peas are now being started by placing them in a folded warm,wet wash cloth. They germinate within twelve to twenty four hours then are planted in the growth cups. The peppers, onions and carrots are still problem children. And the broccoli is coming along nicely.

A small herb garden was started in the eastern kitchen window and is come along nicely with parsley, rosemary, mint and oregano. They are being grown in small eight inch pots.


The Hermit said...

Congrats! It looks like things are coming along nicely! I had another idea for you to add some color to your farm, and it's still edible: Plant some nasturtiums and pansies. They're both great in salads!

Keep up the good work!

Future Farmer said...

Big Bear,

Are you there full time ?

Future Farmer

BigBear said...

No, not till June. I spent several months down there last winter. Very cold. Need to save up a little more money before I can make the move permanent. I don't think the money will be that important but if I fail miserably as a self sustainist I want to have a backup plan. Plus I need to add some additional power to the house.

BigBear said...

I am also down there a couple of weekend out of every month.