Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama - A Great Disappointment

Change candidate my ass.

Barack Obama had the chance to truly prove that he is the candidate of change but has failed miserably. Obama had the chance to lead the Democratic Party in the first step of restoring our civil rights, restoring the Constitution of the United States. He could have held those who have illegally spied on us accountable. But instead Barack Obama hid while the Senate moved to overwhelmingly support the FISA bill with retroactive immunity for telecommunication companies that participated in an illegal domestic spying program.

As an independent voter I fully supported Barack Obama. Not Now. If the Democratic presidential candidate will not even show up to support my civil rights I really don’t feel the need to show up on Election Day to support him.

Additionally, I am ashamed of the Democratic Representatives and Senators who blatantly stuffed their pockets with telecommunications cash in exchange for their vote. If you are going to take a bride please don’t be quite so obvious. Believe it or not we are still watching you and will put your sorry asses on the street if you don’t shape up and start doing the will of the people who put you in office.

Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party have no clue what the common American cares about. Here is some news for you…we care about our liberties…if you don’t believe this keep doing nothing and we will replace you in November. Really, what good is it to have a Democratic majority in Congress if they roll over and get ass fucked every time the Republicans demand something. Get a spine or get out.

Obama show up the next time this bill returns for a vote and the rest of you give the money back and do what is right.

McCain didn't show up either by the way but that is to be expected.


Nels said...

This comment applies to this post and the previous one.

Why are you surprised that Obama's ``change'' amounts to more of the same? The great divide in the U.S. is best described as between the big government camp and the small government camp. Both the democratic and republican parties are firmly in the big government camp, so we shouldn't be surprised that their anointed candidates are too.

Obama is clearly more liberal than McCain, but either one is going to deliver more government, more control ... and less freedom.

I'm starting to think that McCain might give us another Justice Scallia or Justice Thomas, although we would have to hold his feet to the fire to get that. Obama will definitely give us another Ginsberg on the supreme court, if we're lucky.

After seeing Heller, I think that the issue of who gets appointed to the supreme court may be the most important issue this November.

Mayberry said...

Big surprise. He's gonna play hide and go seek on any votes until December! Typical weasel politician....

Anonymous said...

Come on. No one believed that anyone as far left as Obama was going to be good for this country, did they? His voting history and obvious disdain for the 2nd Amendment scared me from the beginning. Hmmm. No surprise here.

Dragon said...

Robin Williams is right most people are afraid that Obama after taking the oath of office will go all Flava Flav on em. Like Yo Yo Yo Wussup Homie, Check out my Bling.
McPain will go like, Huh, did I miss something Eh?
And Ron Paul....Well who knows what he'll do....He's like the invisible man or something.

Thomas T said...

Obama is a centrist (a hair's breadth left of center.) I don't know why people say Obama is far left. It is ridiculous. His voting record, advisers, etc., are right down the middle.

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed with Obama but I do not think he is a lefty. He is more to the right of center as far as I am concerned. I think the American people need to realize that this is not about red, blue, Democrat, Republican, right or left. This is about the wealthy of the world against the rest of us. Until we get that and until we are willing to stand up against the wealthy we will remain ineffective and under surveillance by our own lack of involvement.

I think as archaic as it maybe we need the passion of the 60's and that of Europe today. They don't put up with all this sh t. They get out there and they protest and they make a huge public statement and things change. We on the other hand sit in our loungers and watch the brainless box. You can't even get most people to attend a protest to regain their constitutional rights but they go to a ball game, no problem. If we want change then we need to get involved and hit the streets. There are more of us than there are them.

I am also sick of this idea of Democrats want more government. That is just so much crap. Dems and progressives want equality for all; health care, jobs, housing, protection, legal representation, education and freedoms. This really is not about government it is about the private takeover of what used to be the "commons". Corporate take over is not government. It is a way for the wealthy to make even more and take away more of our freedoms. We now have privatized the police, prisons, the military, etc. and who owns all of them. Do you or I? No, the wealthy corporations who have been given the same legal rights as humans.

We can be disgusted with Obama and rightly so but we also need to be disgusted with ourselves.

Isn't it time to speak out America?

ZMOPAR1 said...

For sure he has taken the American public down the proverbial "Bridal Path" the same way Hitler did the Germans.

Anonymous said...

Stand up against the wealthy? That is communism in its most pure form. Equality for all? Is equality something that is given to you or earned? To think that equality should be spoon fed to you and not earned is the mindset that will lead America straight through a recession and into a deep depression that we may never recover from.

I don't think it is time for people like you to speak out. It is time for people like you to shut-up.

BigBear said...

It is standing up against corporate interests that buy politicians you jackass not the wealthy.

Governments ran for the benefit of industry at the expense of the people is Fascism.

If we would have restrained the government sponsored runaway corporate greed which started with Clinton and blossomed with Bush we wouldn't be in the current Depression that we are in.

Anonymous said...

unfourtunately even if people would have voted mcain ,things would be the same because the president of us is ruled by others more powerfull then him....obama was just the best solution because he made himself loved by people....this was just pure propaganda

Anonymous said...

More and more people I speak with are becoming increasingly angry with Obama. I know I certainly feel cheated and lied to.
Change, what change? The change in my poket!?!