Sunday, August 10, 2008

Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee is the most rancid substance on the face of the earth.

I got up this morning and could not find my coffee pot, there was plenty of coffee but the pot was no where to be found. My guess is that I left it at the house but can not be sure until I check. Usually I get up and fix a pot of coffee on the wood or propane stove. It is strong, black and full of grounds...I am not a great coffee maker but it is decent and gets me going in the morning . But today was different.

As I sat here pondering how I was going to get the dried coffee into a liquid and then into my body I remembered that I had stashed some instant coffee in one of my survival boxes. So I rooted around until I found the little red jar.

I read the instructions then getting irritated by not have any coffee yet just dumped a bunch into the bottom of the cup. Boiled some water, stirred it in and presto instant coffee. Pleased with myself I took my wonderful cup of morning delight out onto the deck to sip casually in the sun.

Raising the mug to my lips I took the first sip of my creation. It was the most horrid tasting substance to ever enter my mouth...and that is saying alot. But like a true addict I choked down the foul black brew. I sit here now fully awake and charged for the day but still have that nasty taste in my mouth as a reminder to make sure I have all my supplies when leaving for my retreat.


US Farmer-formerly Future Farmer said...

In a pinch, these are not too bad
Folger's instant coffee bags.

theotherryan said...

That stuff is bad but better then nothing. A little bit of non dairy creamer and or sugar might help.

Ozark Momma said...

Been looking at these myself Bear:


Have to get one and try it out come foray into the wilderness of camping with family, ugh.

Riverwalker said...

Where is your back-up? Always need a back-up! Back-up coffe pot...this is a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Sugar and coffee mate

Anonymous said...

Here's my hurricane Wilma method:

pool water in #10 tin can heated on stove (old, dependable Peak 1)

Plastic funnel lined with a coffee filter. Place on top of coffee pot or big mug. 1 tablespoon per 8oz (2 cups) of your favorite ground coffee or use beans crushed inside a clean sock. [For cowboy coffee use a dirty sock!]

Using channel lock pliers pour hot water slowly thru grounds or over the sock.

Dry creamer/sweetner can be placed in the catch pot.


Terri said...

You can buy instant coffee in liquid form that is really pretty good, and stores great for emergency. It's called Java Juice. They're in little single serve packs.