Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hot Day

It has to be 2000 degrees here today. Cabin is hot, my ass is sweating, the dogs are bitchy, a bear got into my compost pile, the atv had a flat, I smell horrible and the beer is hot.

But what a view.

Really it was a great day and it is starting to cool off. The up side is that the hot tub has sun warmed all day and is perfect...shouldn't need any heating...don't want any heating.

Been working on a new window seat to store five gallon buckets under. I dug up this old foam rubber RV mattress, a nice thick one. Cut it in half for two pieces roughly 2 1/2 feet wide. They are alittle over 6 feet long so I should be able to store 24 buckets under the two finished benches.

I had to spritz the dogs down with water several times today to cool them off. They don't care for the water...they like being cooled down but apparently the act of getting wet is a trigger event for them. As soon as I pick up the spray bottle they run under the bed. So I just switched to the stream and can pretty much soak them before they reach their bug out shelter.

Stay Cool


Anonymous said...

Hot dogs ?

Mayberry said...

We been havin' heat indexes of 105 or better down here this week.... I likes it hot, but jeez!! Heat, humidity, and skeeters. Yay. Unfortunately, you sweat yer Off off in about 20 minutes. I've also found that my eyebrows have the perfect angle to them to drop sweat right onto my eye lashes, which then wicks the stuff right into my eyes... Lovely. Stay cool!

Anonymous said...


There is one of the "B" vitamins that they don't like, can't remember which" so I just take a "one-a-day" vitamin & they lit me alone.

Larry in SE Ohio

Michael Hawkins said...

Tried putting a wet towel on your hot dogs? said...

It really is beautiful. How about going underground to avoid some of the heat? Or head toward those mountains.

Patricia said...

When you're really hot, put cold water on your wrists, neck and back of neck. Or a bandana wet with ice cold water and tie it around your neck. Rub cold water on your critter's necks and heads--they won't like it but they will like being cooled off. Even my cats don't complain overmuch.

Cath said...
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Anonymous said...

Helluva view - thanks for posting a picture of it.

If you have refrigeration, give your dogs a cooled drink every now and again, mixing refrigerated drinking water in their water dishes. I'm sure they would appreciate it.

We used to give this water to our chickens in chicken tractor - they rewarded us with constant supply of eggs year round, save the moulting period.

Heat sux - I live a bit south of Mayberry and concur - heat, skeeters and persperation incontinence just take the fun oughta life.

safetyfactorman said...

If you are going to live in the desert, then you should live underground. I would never own an above ground home in an extreme climate.

Culverts are one idea for making underground homes. Look at some of the nuclear bomb shelter vendors for ideas, or just look at the websites of culvert manufacturers, and then design your own.

There are several resources on the web for underground homes, I like the ones that either use shotcrete, or culverts.

Make sure you understand what you are doing, especially water leakage prevention, before building. Once you build it, you are stuck with the result.

Skylights let in 5 times are much light as windows. Tubular skylights are energy neutral.

You can build with wood (eg. "The $50 underground home), or spend $$$ for a prebuilt bomb shelter. You could use your existing cabin as a cover for the real deal, so don't fret - you just have to come up with the cash to build the real dea...