Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Vote

I will not tell you how to vote but here are a few thoughts on the subject

I don't give the dog a treat when he pees on the carpet

I don't keep employees that completely ignore directions I give them

I don't take my truck back to a mechanic that didn't fix the problem

Neither candidate will take your guns. That is campaign fear mongering. The Supreme Court ruled just this year that every citizen has the right to keep firearms. Neither the President nor Congress can change that only a Constitutional Amendment...and that won't happen. So don't base your vote on that issue.

Now go vote


mockum said...

Well put.

Anonymous said...

Then why did you buy a new gun?

BigBear said...

I bought a new gun cause I was worried about my protection. Obama could not possibly do anything until January at the earliest.

the texan said...

bigbear, this is your blog and I respect your opion but I have a bad feeling when you say they won't take our guns away.

The SC decision was 5 to 4. How will it come out next time after our new president appoints some liberal justices to the court. It may not happen tomorrow but its coming I'm afraid.

For the record I don't think McCain respects the Bill of Rights any more than Obama.

Just my 2 cents.


BigBear said...

Would you give your guns up voluntarily?

They could not take the guns without a complete bloodbath and frankly neither party will commit to such an action. It is one thing to covertly spy on you...which is also a direct violation of the constitution...it is entirely another to publicly attempt to disarm the citizens, to many dead...to public.

Now during a martial law incident it would be probable that they would try. Much like what we saw during Katrina. But that would happen with both parties.

The second amendment is not under attack. This does not concern me, being tagged and tracked like an animal is a much greater problem. If they can track you they really don't care if you have a gun or not. They will just wait on a hill down the road and shoot you from a distance then walk up and take your weapons, real simple.

Mayberry said...

I don't share yer optimism Bigbear.... "Assault" weapon bans didn't require a Constitutional ammendment! Proposed liberal gun legislation bans everything but break barrel 410s...... Even .22 semi autos!

Staying Alive said...

To get my weapons someone would have to get their hands ON my weapons. This will not be easy. I sit here with a knife that has a 14" factory sharpened blade on it. You could reach in and pull back a bloody stub. Too old and fucked up to mess with these little boy scouts. Keep your guns. Tell 'em I said you could have them.


Anonymous said...

Thats simply what I was implying with my why a new gun question. An AW Ban is already in the works and it bans way more than that. But anyhow, great site. Stay safe. And blog on dude!

The Urban Survivalist said...

I'm a lot less worried about them taking my guns than I am about them kicking our race towards full blown socialism into overdrive. Capitalism isn't evil. The fact that there are people out there with more money than they could ever possibly spend is no more my problem than are the people who choose to live under a bridge (they do choose to live that lifestyle). The "lower class" in our country have a better standard of living than the middle class do in most countries around the world. That says a lot about our system. Unfortunately, if you give a person an inch they want to take a mile. If you take from Peter to pay Paul then you can always count on Paul's vote. When Paul outnumbers Peter 100 to 1 then it's pretty obvious who's going to end up in office. Make no mistake. The poor are just as greedy as the rich. The difference is that the rich are usually smarter and more willing to work for what they have than the poor are. By taking from the successful people and giving to the less successful people you take away the incentive for people to be successful in the first place. You can't just start giving everyone what they need to get by. If you do then you're TRULY left with slavery. Work will still need to get done. The government will just have to start forcing people to work.

Anonymous said...

capitalism is evil, it is pure exploitation and socialism would be a step in the right direction.

the deluded anti-socialist types sure dont mind usa's largest socialist institution: the us military with its socilaized health system, its equal pay with equal rank and yes its community-minded, all for your brothers ideology.

ive had the good fortune in living in the 2 largest and pro-gun states in the union: AK and TX. and those "survivalist" communities that really wanted to make their off-grid communities thrive had to dump the nonsense of capitalism as well as the delusions of libertarinism and in the xtian manner began "to share all things in common".

it is materialism that has corrupted the minds of so many americans and destroyed this democracy and no gun will ever win a battle that is spiritual.

i fear the rambo mentality laced with misanthropy will cause the demise of any americn reistance against the corporate overseers.

Anonymous said...

The guy above is one delusional freak, if you love socialism so much and hate capitalism, go live with the socialists.

BigBear said...

We actually don't live in a capitalist society anymore. We have morphed into a fascist society where the government is simply an arm of the corporations paying them off.

It is not socialists we are a fascist country much like Italy in WWII.

Not that it makes any difference to the average person. But one works for the good of the state the other works for the good of the corporate overseers. Neither work for the good of the people.