Monday, November 24, 2008

Yearly Budget Thing

I was going to use this post to talk about my $100 a month budget but apparently I have won the Swiss Lottery and with 1.8 million euros coming my way don't need to worry about it. But since I have to wait until the spring arrives and the ground thaws to get to my financial institution and it's complex routing information we might as well discuss the now unnecessary budget.

Like most survival minded people I have amassed a fairly substantial amount of food and critical supplies over the past 8 years. There are the staples of various beans, canned meats and flour plus vitamin and other medical supplies. I keep adequate cash on-hand and have the required silver and gold buried in my secure bank. The land and house are paid for and being off-grid utilities are already in place with the exception of a few nonessential niceties such as internet and cell phone access.

I have two vehicles, a large gas sucking beast of a truck used only when absolutely necessary and a tiny orange ford fiesta that gets about 33 miles to the gallon. The tank on the fiesta holds ten gallons so I should get roughly 330 miles out of every tank. The nearest town with facilities is about 10 miles away so I should get 16 trips per full tank. Let's say I run to town once every week, the one tank of gas should last 4 months. I can get around for 4 months on $20.

Most of my food is already in place with the exception of fresh fruits, veggies and meat. Food stores should hold me until greenhouse/garden start producing and I can get some chickens. I make my own beer 5 gallons at a time and have enough brewing supplies to get through the first year. If I could start making my own whiskey I'd be set for life.

Rough Monthly Budget (will adjust as necessary)

$35 Food (this includes coffee)
$20 Gas (a little high but includes ATV, chainsaw, tiller plus some for truck)
$25 Dogs (cheap treats and a bag of food each month)
$20 Booze (monthly bottle of Ancient Age whiskey)
$30 Entertainment (trip to the hot springs or exploring the mountains)

$130 Total Monthly Expenses

Fixed Yearly Costs (already paid for 2009)

$300 Internet (split with neighbor)
$300 Phone (local provider)
$360 Car Insurance (one year both vehicles)
$100 Land Tax (actually 86)
$100 Car Tags (can vary)
$300 Propane (can vary)
$120 Ring MD (on call medical help plus they can write prescriptions)
$240 Beer Brewing (not great tasting but will do)

$1820 Total $152/month

Everything on the fixed yearly cost list and the entertainment fund can be eliminated if necessary but would rather not.

Adding the two areas together I need to make $282 monthly (round up to $300) to live this year and put back enough for next. At this point I am bring in about half that amount from some web projects each month but hopefully can kick it up to around $300. I of course have extra funds to draw from in the event of an emergency. This budget is of course rough and will change as I move forward.

Hate to wait in doctors office - I do too. Join RingMD service for 24x7 access to personal physician for treatment and prescriptions. *** I love this service and have used it several time over the past few months. I am old enough to know what is wrong with me, just call the doctor, tell them what the problem is and they phone the prescription into Walmart or whatever pharmacy you choose. Easy cheap and no half day doctor visits.


Anonymous said...

need to add an ammo and TP budget..

Two important things!

BigBear said...

I have plenty of ammo just forgot to mention it and will use old yellow pages for TP. Both are very important. said...

TP is highly over-rated, only because few have real experience using altenatives. Boxes of dry leaves from the fall make excellent TP. Great compost too.

mmpaints said...

Excellent job, very well thought out. I'm not too far behind you, still on grid tho. Have you put up misc supplies or made provisions for just general repairs around the place? Nails, screws, glass, oddball things you might need....

boodaman said...

This might count as part of your emergency funds, but don't forget about vet costs for your dogs, both annual (shots) and emergency/chronic care. If you dogs need medication every month that costs $100 a month, can you handle it?

mradam said...

Great post. Good to hear you are living the life most of us are striving for. Keep it up, keep on trucking!

Anonymous said...

I thought TP stood for Target Practice! :)

What about clothing/shoe budget?

Consumables? shaving cream, razors, deodorant...

Also, I think if you post more often, you'll boost your site traffic.

BigBear said...

I have a couple of pairs of boots that should last me for awhile. I only shop for cloths at second hand store and am set for at least a year.

As far as consumables go the only thing I really need is some soap every now and then and razor blades which I try to make last as long as I can. Baking soda can cover alot of needs.

I plan on kicking up the post numbers soon but for now I am working alot of hours trying to put back as much money as possible. Just seems prudent.

Any emergency for myself or the dogs would come out of the emergency funds.

Anonymous said...

Can you post your beer recipe? I've been trying to come up with a good SHTF recipe that's cheap and easy to stock. I've got an idea about what would work but I haven't gotten around to testing it yet.

BigBear said...

all you need to store is cans of malt, sugar which you should already have and brewers yeast.