Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Bed Is Bouncing

On a few occasions I have been awoken in the early morning hours by a low noise that can best be described as a diesel truck idling outside the house the noise has been accompanied by a gentle pulsing that you can actually feel in the bed and even standing in the middle of the house. I have heard this noise probably five times usually around three in the morning. The dogs can also hear the noise and twice they woke me with their growling.

Last night about one in the morning I woke up to the bed pulsing and I heard the low hum of the big truck the dogs were both awake and growling. I got up and went out on the front porch and could still hear and feel the phenomenon. It was a calm clear night and the noise seemed to come from everywhere. I pulled on my boots, grabbed a flashlight and went up on the ridge to see if maybe there was a truck idling on the other side of the hill. Found nothing but the coyotes were going crazy yelping. Could still hear and feel the rhythmic pulse.

I am currently using the backup inverter and I shut if off when I go to bed so there is nothing powered in the house that can vibrate. It is not a helicopter or C130 cargo plane. Both of these frequently fly over very low transporting between Los Alamos and Colorado Springs usually at night. They also wake me up. I have heard it on windy nights but last night it was calm.

As best as I can tell this is the Taos Hum which is a world wide phenomenon that manifests itself as a low throbbing noise in very quiet parts of the world. I have talked with a few neighbors they and their animals also experience the “hum” usually around three in the morning.

It’s not really annoying just kind of weird.


HermitJim said...

Very curious...wonder what it is? You don't suppose that it may be from "visitors" or maybe some govenment testing of some kind, do ya?

Let us know what you find out, if anything...

Mayberry said...

Wretha needs our help!!! The fedgov is tryin' to take her down!!!

Anonymous said...

make a megaphone to use as a sound collector/directional locator. keep by bed. aurally search for source with one ear closed off - don't forget to search UP too

Chola said...

bb said...

I though maybe you were getting laid.

nathan said...

Hey Bear,
Maybe its your tummy rumbling from eating rice and beans. Its asking for a cheese burger. Song fades in, Cheeseburger in paradise by Jimmy buffet. LOL

BigBear said...

There have been days where I would have killed for that cheese burger or a pizza for that matter.

Anonymous said...

its the aliens up at the sand dunes

nathan in Missouri said...

Hey Big Bear,
I like reading about your life of simplicity, hope you don't mind the last comment that i made about the cheesburger. I could never live your lifestyle in the high desert even though i am a bit of a loner myself, i need those cheeseburgers on a regular basis. keep posting and i'll keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Ok in all seriousness, how's this sound. Read some of the links at:

The most interesting one was S. Lofstrand's theory for the hum being a tunnel machine where he was in Sweden...ok, care much for the biblical? Bear with me...

Hollywood has and is still producing lots of movies about the end of the world. It seems everyone is on the band wagon and "the end" is a forgone how do people react to it?

If the governments know it's the end (they read 2 Tim 3:1-5 which shows we are living in end times as we read the news etc) maybe they are fulling a prophecy as is shown in MANY movies where there are subterranean "Noah's Arks" (See: Deep Impact, 2012 etc).

This would be in harmony with the tunnel theory and the movies and even Rev. 6:15, 17 "And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?" - King James

I knew you'd like that one! hehehehe :D

BigBear said...

If you are a conspiracy theory buff...and we all might remember that DIA in Denver, Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs and Los Alamos in New Mexico are all supposed to be linked by a great underground rail system.

All three sites have extensive underground facilities. Throw in Dulce New Mexico with its underground base and you have several subterranean cities linked by rail.

There is also supposed to be a large seed vault near Creed in an old silver mine. Plus several years back they rebuilt highway 17 in the northern part of the valley. It is a very long, level and straight "runway" now. At the time there were several big, deep "gravel pits" being dug out along the roadside. Possible deep bunkers. This was right after 911 so I just assumed it was a continuity of government installation being built.

Anonymous said...

BigBear, tunnels and underground cities. Got to love them, got to hate them. Love, because it's interesting to see what the government is potentially investing in. Hate, because they freak you out in the middle of the night and the management isn't letting the rest of us in on the secret! (Just like in the movies, sigh...)

That said, if 'the powers that be' are willing to invest so much money and energy into these supposed projects...what about the rest of us?

Personally, I'm a firm believer in hedging your bets. Sadly, this is not something I see very often in the "survivalist" and "conspiracy theory" communities. FWIW, I hedged my bets before some of the major tragedies in the US, namely terrorist attacks and financial meltdowns. That said, I'm sitting VERY comfortably and am very glad to have my particular position. I have no fear of ever starving...ever. Personal attacks - oh please...that's just a given.

I'd like to see you in the same position BigBear. I enjoy reading your posts and would hate to see something happen to you when near future events materialize. (no need to theorize about them when facts are readily available)

Survival Chick said...

Very cool! If that's in fact what it is..

Anonymous said...

I think its real life Transformers the movie sure was real.

Anonymous said...

I've experienced the same phenomenon before (as have other members of my family, although sometimes they hear it and I do not, and vice versa), albeit very rarely, a very frequency vibration/rumbling/throbbing sound, like an idling diesel engine or large pump. Usually late at night/early AM (but not always), just as you did, and for me it was most noticeable indoors, as if the house somehow magnified the harmonic like a seashell or bell does.
Kinda eerie, like the northern lights.

It is my theory that it is actually more noticeable when other external sounds are absent, and is most likely not so much an actual sound as an electromagnetic effect.

Melanie Williams said...

Could it be a freight train? Sound travels really far in the wee, cold hours of the morning. I've been awakened many times at 3 or 4am to that same throbbing sensation and diesel engine sound--it's a freight train passing about 6 miles off. Do any rail lines run through the valley? I know that would take all of the mystery out of it--darn it--but just curious? Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bear.

Hoezit from South Africa boet.

It could be a lion. Out here they can roar with a low throbbing sound for what seems to be a couple of minutes and then it goes off for a few seconds and back on again. All night long. Check it out. If you hear it again, cast around for spoor the next day, and remember low frequency sound can carry VERY far in the stillness of the night.

Thanks for the blog. I have just woken up to the fact that we are right up the proverbial "creek" without a paddle... Busy stocking grains and planting veggies right now - we're going into summer.

I agree with you. This crisis is not yet even started and it's going to be WILD!!!

Unfortunately resources on canning, salting, and getting hold of food grade plastics, mylar etc. are NOT easy here. We get mountain house but it is probably three/four times the price you pay in the US of A, so it's not really an option.

I see in an earlier post a guy mentioned he was not sure about hybrid seeds. The problem is that they revert to type quite fast, sometimes within ONLY one generation, and as they do their viability goes down. He should do an experiment to check. He also needs to remember that some hybrids were created through selective breeding and natural pollination so they are a lot more "stable", although not as stable as a heirloom. Fortunately I've found a supplier in Durban that can ship in most things for us and has stock.