Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nuke Option

After much consideration and study I have decided that our health insurance reform will look like the following. Every American will be mandated to purchase health insurance from a for-profit health insurance agency. The bill will resemble the criminal mandatory auto insurance that is forced on most people in this country. Basically if you don’t buy it you go to jail, have your wages garnished and be flogged in the public square…with no paid hospital visit afterwards.

The American health care industry is a massive fraud that adds 30% overhead to all medical care bills. The American health insurance industry makes money by denying claims after you have purchased the policy or simply dropping you if you develop a sever (expensive) illness. This is a corrupt system that needs to be eliminated.

Even if you don’t want single payer health insurance plan we can all agree that mandatory participation in a failed system is obscene.

I will not participate in this criminal raping of the American people and will go to jail and get free health care before I allow this massive “tax” to be levied against me.

The corrupt senate, who is owned by the insurance and banking industries, released their health insurance overhaul today…the same day that the 106 billion dollar emergency war funding bill was sent to the President.

Note, that 106 billions dollars would buy 22 million Americans a 4800 dollar health insurance policy for the year.

I say cut the defense budget by 90%, close all our overseas bases and scuttle our navy. That saves 464 billion dollars that could easily insure 88 million Americans with that 4800 dollar policy. Now if you paid half or $200 dollars a month then the number covered by this plan jumps to 176 million Americans.

But what will we do for Defense you ask. Well we adopt a little policy call “If you fuck with us we will nuke you”. Oh that is what the 10% of the defense budget is for…maintain our nuclear arsenal.

Here are some of the details of the emergency war funding bill. These details will piss you off.

US lawmakers late Thursday sent President Barack Obama a 106-billion-dollar emergency bill to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, fight swine flu, aid Pakistan and boost IMF loans to poor nations.

Among other budget items, the measure provides 79.9 billion dollars for Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as 7.7 billion dollars to combat the A(H1N1) flu virus.

The bill also includes eight billion dollars for the International Monetary Fund and a 100-billion-dollar US line of credit for the IMF to help developing countries combat the impact of the global recession.

And it comprises 400 million dollars to help build up the Pakistani security forces' ability to wage counterinsurgency warfare at a time when US lawmakers worry about the nuclear-armed ally's stability.

The measure includes one billion dollars to foster economic development and democratic governance in Afghanistan and 433 million for US diplomatic operations and facilities there.

For Pakistan, the bill includes 707 million dollars for boosting agriculture and food security, assist displaced residents, boost democratic governance, and improve education.

Another 900 million dollars would go to building a new secure US embassy and consulates in Pakistan, and 700 million more dollars for counterinsurgency funding starting September 30.

For Iraq, the bill includes 472 million dollars to continue stabilization programs, and strengthen governance and rule of law; and 486 million for diplomatic operations.

The measure includes 660 million dollars in economic, humanitarian and security assistance for the West Bank and Gaza; 300 million dollars for Jordan, 310 million for Egypt, and 69 million dollars for Lebanon.

It includes 555 million dollars of Obama's 2.775 billion dollar request for security aid to Israel.

The bill provides one billion dollars for the so-called "cash for clunkers" program to stimulate the struggling auto industry, paying car buyers cash if they trade in their old gas-guzzling cars for newer more fuel-efficient models.


HermitJim said...

Boy...this really sucks big time! I don't think I want any part of it!

Guess I'll just have to go to prison also...

Karl9x said...

Thank you democrats and republicans for creating this huge and oppressive government. At least they watch out for the insurance industry.

Adam said...

What kind of crap is this? Our economy is tanking big time, unemployment is through the roof, companies are closing left and right, and what is our beloved government doing? They are passing legislation to help OTHER countries. Those 545 in power really piss me off. They are so detached from the real world it makes me sick.

Mayberry said...

Well said Big Bear. Sounds like a plan to me..... Though I would like to keep a couple warships, just for grins..... Bring back the battleships, they were intimidating, and purty to boot!

Bs Govt said...

I agree with ya bear, total govt bs wasting our hard earnd money......sigh
Fucking govt

Anonymous said...

The overhead that "for profit" insurance companies incur is well below 30% and closer to 10%. The overhead the "for loss" insurance (thats your government insurance folks) is well above 20% and that does not even include the huge loss due to fraud waste and abuse. Insurance is not cheaper because the government does it. Insurance is really basic math. They compute the risk and charge enough to cover the risk plus a percentage for paying employee wages and the cost of capital. When the government takes over your insurance you will pay more, lots more. Not "just" because of incompetence but also because of intentional misuse of your tax revenues. No one can spend/waste with as many zeros on the check as the government can. But it gets worse! When the government has finally increased taxes as much as they can and paid off as many special interest groups as they can find they will need to cut the costs of the government insurance. How will they do that??? Why by rationing of course. For you older folks (older then 40) you will see the day that your health care is SHUT OFF while money is used to pay for younger illegal aliens health care. After all, the young will live longer and therefore it makes more sense, don't you see! Oh yeah, it is likely that the very phrase "ilegal aliens" will soon disappear as they are all transformed with a stroke of the pen into "citizens". Good luck with your anger aimed at capitalist insurance companies!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of the endless attacks on Israel. The land we know as Israel and Palestine has been occupied and administered by Jewish people for 3500 years. Until the early 1920's the only non-Jews in that part of the world were a few tribal groups of Arab descent. In the 20's Arabs from other surrounding Arab countries entered this area and called themselves Palestinians. It was the Palestinians who forced the Jews into smaller and smaller parts of their own country not the other way around. When The UN created a seperate Palesinian and Jewish state Isreal gave Arabs the choice to stay or leave and the Palestinians forced the Jews out. Even today over a million Arabs live in Israel as free people who vote and live a democratic life. Ironically Israel is the only country in the entire Middle East where Arabs have a true democratic vote and enjoy freedom. The problem today is not complex. Israel will not give in and move away, they intend to defend their country to the last man/woman. If the Arabs could throw them out they would have and they have tried many times. If Iran gets nuclear weapons there is little dount they will be used against Israel. Israel is so small that two nukes would destroy them killing most of their people. Obviously they cannot afford to wait to see what Iran's intent is. If Iran (or anyone) attacks Israel with nukes Israel will undoubtedly use nukes in retaliation and Israel has quite a few nukes. Probably in the fog of war Israel would attack all possible threats and that means perhaps 20 or more nukes sprinkled around the anti-Jewish hotspots in the Middle East. As bad as that scenario is what happens next would be worse. Do you really think Russia or China will sit by and miss this opportunity to dabble in world politics? If the middle East becomes a glowing nuclear bombing range do you think your local gas station will still be filling up your car? A post nuclear Middle East will be a very unstable world and will probably dissemble in a few short months. Like it or not we must support Israel and we must project power into the area to prevent horrendous acts.

Anonymous said...

Nah, the Democrats care about the people. That's how come they forced this down our throats. Gotta love the people who know whats best for you better than you do.