Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Newest Family Member

Princess Ruby Jean Cher Saint Clare

I have been wanting a bigger dog that I can take with me on hikes and that I don’t have to worry quite so much about. Axel and Conway are great dogs but frankly not the most practical animals ever breed. So a couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to adopt a little pit bull pup and after meeting the parents and owners decided to add little Ruby to our family.

Naming a dog is as important as picking the animal. I am very quirky about my dogs names and really enjoy the naming process. Most important thing is that the name is short and unique you don’t want your dogs getting confused by near sounding names like Ruby and Rex. So any way here is how I came up with the name for Ruby.

Princess - Because she is just a little princess

Ruby Jean - I picture myself standing on the front porch in my underwear holding a can of Pabst yelling "Ruby Jean get your ass in this house" or "Ruby Jean let go of that mans neck" or “Ruby Jean I raised you better than that”.

Cher - Well ok I just love Cher…don’t judge me

Saint Clare - Saint Clare is the patron saint of good weather and television both of which I like. As a matter of fact I was at my partner’s house a couple of weekends back watching TV and Ruby was sitting next to me on the floor completely focused on the box.

We didn’t have the usual break in time for a puppy. Both Axel and Conway were very shy when they were first brought home but not Ruby she dove in head first playing and rolling she was not reserved in any way.

The real funny thing was watching how the boys react. When I brought her home they loved it “yea a new toy” lots of playing and tired dogs. But then they quickly grew tired of her sharp teeth and razor like claws and simply jumped up on the back of the couch to avoid her…waiting for Ruby to leave. When they realized that she wasn’t going they started to teach her manners.

Axel , the oldest, would lay on the floor with a bone. Ruby would jump in and try to take the bone at which time Axel would growl at her or snap at her if she actually got her teeth on it. When she lay still beside him he would give her the bone. I was kind of impressed. Both dogs have worked on her socialization and appropriate puppy play. Axel is teaching Ruby how to nap in sun in the picture.

As the boys work with Ruby I am seriously considering rename her to Ruby Jean the Poop Machine.


HermitJim said...

Nice looking pup, buddy! I think she'll be a good addition to the household!

Good picture of them laying on the floor together...

Kymber said...

Ruby Jean (the Poop Machine) is gorgeous! glad to hear that the boys are teaching her some manners!

Mayberry said...

I got a hell of a chuckle out of that Big Bear! Ha ha! Beautiful pup. I'm sure y'all will be friends for life...

Whit Spurzon said...

She looks like a good one. Take lots of pictures, puppies grow up too fast.

edifice rex said...

Beautiful puppy. My brother named his cat Madonna. :D

steph said...

love the new puppy! By the time we move out your way she will be a full grown dog. The boys would love her. Jim and I were talking about getting another puppy.