Monday, July 13, 2009

A Woman Screams

I woke up Saturday night to a womans scream. It was around 2 in the morning and I was sound asleep with the dogs. A high pitched scream jolted us awake. Most of the windows were open and the evening was very warm. The scream appeared to come from the hill right outside the bedroom window.

I jumped out of bed thinking it was my neighbor but quickly decided it was a coyote...a high pitched coyote. The dogs stayed in bed growling which was strange. I grabbed the flashlight and went out on the front porch. I really like to listen to the coyotes...they all have slightly different voices. Since the neighbor now has chickens they have been coming fairly close to the houses.

Anyway as soon as I got out on the porch it screamed again this time from behind the cabin on the ridge. It wasn't a yelping but a single long high pitched scream. It gave me the chills. As I opened the door to go inside it gave out one more scream. I turned on some lights and made some noise and didn't hear the animal again. The dogs were still in the bed growling.

Sunday at my neighbors get together I was telling a friend about the "coyote" and its strange scream. He informed me that the scream was most likely a mountain lion and that I needed to be careful with the dogs. I have seen mountain lion tracks several times and once spotted a big cat walking down the neighbors driveway.

So I am going to take a few precautions like making sure the doors are bolted so they can't be pushed open and that the lower windows are closed up when I am not here. Plus when I walk the dogs I always carry the bear mace with me...very effective that bear mace.

Night noises are really a strange thing. Living in the city I could have gunshots right outside the house and it wouldn't bother me in the least. For that matter a woman screaming would only get a mild reaction from me. I would roll over and go right back to sleep. When you remove the background noise of society a wonderful eerie stillness is left. Every noise in that stillness is amplified and although 99% of the sounds are benign your filter still needs to adjust to the newness of the experience.


HermitJim said...

All things in general are so much clearer when you are outside of the city.

I can't wait to make the move myself!

Anonymous said...

The conclusion of my analysis of Big Bear is that in my opinion he is most likely an agent of the ZOG and is very dangerous. Most probably his two missing neighbors are his victims deported and interned in the FEMA camps by his own hand. This is a warning to all who follow this man. Also yes the mice droppings can carry Hantavirus.

Mayberry said...

I was a bit uneasy at work this mornin' because the coyotes were yappin'. When it's 4:30 AM and dark, it ain't a good feelin'!

Now screech owls, they'll make ya jump outta your skin!

Anonymous said...

Might be time to round out
your weapon battery with a

The russian Moisin seems to be the buget gun of choice.

I'm sure you could find a nice used hunting rifle. Or maybe one on the big makers buget models.

Do yourself a favor tough and stick to a commom caliber. Odd ones can be a pain in the ass.

BigBear said...

Oh I am set weapons wise. Just not something that I like to talk about around company if you know what I mean.

As far as wildlife goes a bear pushing through one of the windows is still one of my biggest concerns but that I can deal with.

Anonymous said...

cougar or peacock probably

Anonymous said...

Most anything outside in the dark sounds much louder or more dangerous than they really are. Especially when only tent fabric is only thing between you and them. But generally turns out it was only an armadillo or lizard making all of the commotion.

I would be worried if living in bear country though - maybe some type of iron bars or other barrier might be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who lives outside of the city knows exactly what a screaming woman sound means if in fact it is NOT an actual woman; It can only be a mountain lion. Period! Ask your neighbors that know something. If you have any doubt about what I'm telling you, Call the DOW in your area and they will clarify this fact.

Jimmy the Screwdriver said...

Next time don't grab the flash light, grab a gun! I think I remember you saying you marked your territory once, I wonder if that helps ward of cats!?

I would think that for a mountain lion, something bigger than a .223 would be order. 30-something should do the trick. If a cat can be seen, it has already seen you and probably means you harm- go ahead and take it before it takes you or your dogs.