Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Greatest Threat to the American Survivalist

The greatest threat the American people face is the merging of the Federal Government and Corporate America to further profits during the Great Decline. You need to prepare for an economic tyranny that controls your wages guaranteeing corporate profits first and leaving your family to live off the feeble leftovers. Family needs are secondary to mandated participation in whatever business has the influence to purchase congressional favors.

In the name of profit Corporate America, with the help of a willing congress, has destroyed this once great country by dismantling our massive manufacturing base, exporting middle class jobs and gambling in risky unregulated economic schemes. Unfortunately for them the cash cow that was the American economy has run out of milk. Eternal unemployment rates over twenty five percent, runaway inflation and increased civil unrest are here to stay further eroding profits margins.

Americans have finally woken up and are paying down debt, reducing consumption and dropping unnecessary financial burdens. Additionally, the shortsightedness of globalism left the world with no country to replace America as the apex consumer nation. The capitalist model, which is based on continuous growth, is crashing leaving Corporate America searching for next great thing.

Federal Government and Corporate America Merge

Corporations are facing the perfect storm of their own creation. For thirty years the quest for bigger profits has functionally destroyed the purchasing power of the American consumer base. Rather than fix the economic problems stemming from globalization the corporate world has moved to a model of growth supported through government mandates and collections over innovation and competition. Through naked bribery Corporate America created an unholy merger guaranteeing profits through federal legislation and government mandates laid on the backs of American workers and our gutted economic system.

Democracy has grossly failed everyone with politicians in all parties instantly being corrupted by unregulated industry influence. The only real power we have as American citizens at this point is debt revolt. Unfortunately banking, insurance and a growing list of other industries have already insulated themselves from this collective populace action by having the Federal Government guaranteed loans, investments and mandated participation enforced by the IRS through imprisonment.

The Federal government through the IRS will become the enforcement and collection agency for most industries. If you refuse to pay your power bill they shut off your power. You can live happily without power. But, if the power company uses the IRS as its collection agency you pay or go to jail. We are seeing this model emerge fully through the criminal health care reform and banking bailout legislation.

For instance, the Federal Government will "purchase" any defaulted loan from the bank then collect the debt through the IRS. There is no risk to the loan institution. We see this now with the criminal student loan scam. Students are given a loan from a bank at a high rate of interest, say 8%. If these loans are guaranteed by the government why such a high interest rate? If the student defaults the bank is paid off and the IRS uses wage garnishment to collect the debt. We are seeing this more and more with the "mortgage rescues" but soon the practice will be everywhere from car loans to credit cards.

If you default the government purchases the loan and the IRS chases you forever garnishing the top of your paycheck leaving the leftovers to provide for your family. The worker has no choice!  The government and their corporate overseers determine your take home pay. You will go along with the scheme or face imprisonment. Even bankruptcy will not stop the IRS as government loans such as student loans and soon all loans are exempt from bankruptcy.

Paying off your debt will make no difference.

It is not just the banking industry that is benefiting from this corrupt little model of commerce. Soon all Americans will be forced through congressional mandate to purchase policies in the failed private health insurance industry with the IRS as the enforcement and collection mechanism. Next we will see the energy industry reaping windfall profits from the cap and trade scheme. To help the energy industry "retrofit" a fee will be accessed on all Americans, even those living off grid. Collected by the IRS of course and distributed back to corporate America maintaining the profit margin.

Popular Uprising and the Police State

Organized dissent against the government or any of its corporate handler will be quickly and harshly squashed. The massive surveillance infrastructure rolled out over the past few years, was never to hunt foreign terrorists but rather control a starving and desperate population unwilling to give their last dollar to Corporate America.

The telecommunications industry, internet and cell phone providers, are selling American citizens personal data to government and corporate entities making billions in the process under the umbrella of retroactive immunity granted last years by a Democratic Congress and signed by a Republican President.

Right now corporations are buying data from companies like Google and Facebook on American citizens who speak out against their business agendas. Right now the government is buying data, tracking and recording your whereabouts through your cellphone provider and monitoring for civil malcontents. Through third party data miners the government/corporate complex is building lists of your acquaintances even casual meetings at a coffee shop can be tracked through cell phones GPS location system. Your mind and your actions are being mapped and recorded for future culling.

If you start advocating against the powers you will simply disappear as an enemy combatant. They know what you are doing...they know what you are thinking...they know where you are.  ICE agents will show up at your door, take you away and hold you indefinitely in an undisclosed/unregistered American prison. ICE currently focuses on immigration roundups...which is the perfect practice for rounding up the hidden American patriots standing against the fascist state.

What you gonna do now?


Joie said...

Economics is now the driving force for culture and politics. It knows no limits and has no respect for man or earth. We have to slow down consumption and begin to invest in our own communities, but the giant bus of capital continues to gain speed. As government polishes the shoes of big business, Americans just keep going to the mall.


You are right as rain.

Money is the best form of control. Because money controls everything else.

Taking control of a persons ability to control there finances is perhaps, the quickest most effective take over.

chinasyndrome said...

And There it is!

chinasyndrome said...

Hey Bear,in case they disappear me.I am a wh male born in Indy,think I sendin everybody I know copy of birt cert. Merry Christmas anyway,hope you and the kids have a great one!

Anonymous said...

Bear, I have been reading your blog for most of the year, interesting stuff.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Health New Year.


Mayberry said...

Very well put Bear. But I would say that is We who failed Democracy, not the other way 'round. Because if We had been doing our jobs, these crooks would not have their jobs. But that point is moot now.

What am I gonna do? Starve the beast. Resist with all my might. I am solidly resolved to protect my Rights and my Freedom, and I hope like hell there's enough folks with back bone enough to do the same. Up to, and including armed resistance. I hope it never goes that far, but I will stand by the motto "Live Free or Die".

Watch the cities for signs of the coming tyranny, they are the "collapse barometer". Everyone's "comfort zone" is different, but when it has been exceeded, get out! The Patriots will muster in the countryside, in small groups, that will grow exponentially as the fascist thumb presses down ever harder. The American Spirit is still alive, as is the Spirit of '76.

Oath Keeper, Defender of the Republic. "Not on my watch"

Survival Chic said...

Good post...! If enough people keep saying it eventually people will get it..! I find that the BASE money required for a family... rent, forced water bills, sewer, power, now health insurance means you now have to "contribute" to the fed machine (state, local and fed) no matter what... Things are going to get messy folks...

Samuel Adams said...

This is why I have been calling our country "USA, Inc.". Politicians from our two party "system" rally support for themselves and their party by claiming they are different, better than their opponent. That is why they thwart any possibility of a 3rd party, be it Constitutionalist, Libertarian, etc. There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans because both sold out our Constitution and our freedoms!

Mockum said...

I agree. I'm hoping that living in the sticks with no debt and no salary I can stay below the radar.

The modern day John Galt will be he who no longer aids the corporations.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Bear. May Peace be with you. I know you're right.

Anonymous said...

Check out

If you want to know what to do to combat the police state, check it out. Let's quit being cowards and get our minds right, then get your gear together. It is Past time to prepare!

Skip Formally of Kansas City

Mark said...

I just wiped myself!! LOL I am one that believes that we are on collision course with a destiny that most people have NO concept of and its going to get real messy. Sitting at the DMV this afternoon I thought to myself that I am very close to carrying a concealed weapon. Lets see, Risk of a Felony or risk being stuck in BFE without any protection. When this goes to shit its going to go fast.

Mockum said...

"I just wiped myself!!"

er, uh, thanks for sharing?

Jeez, Big Bear, what type of site you running? After the revolution we should have a law about PDHs. That's Public Display of Hygiene.

Anonymous said...

Dang, I was going to vote invisible Ninjas, but those you cite sure are up there, there are a couple that never crossed my thoughts until this article.

Thanks sir.

Anonymous said...

Rome, ever the efficient expansionist empire, faced a financial debacle by the 3rd century A.D. Having reached a natural limit of expansion (whereby orders to the legions on the frontier took 6 months to arrive), and having an empire built and funded on the resources gained via expansion (which paid for everything from gladiatorial games to the military proletariats themselves), the empire was caught in a bind. Tainter ("Collapse of Complex Societies") and Diamond (Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed) refer to this as a maintenance crisis, that is the empire was so large, so unwieldy, so complex, and faced with diminishing marginal returns on their efforts, were no longer even able to maintain what they had. Maintenance of vital infrastructure started to be put off, and then abandoned. Garrisons went unpaid, and deserted. Revolts broke out in areas of unrest (Gaul, Briton, etc), and civil war between competing would-be emperors became the new norm. Faced with this shortfall, the Romans did what ever civilization in history has done, they debased their currency to paper over the hole. Read more about it...there is little new in the world, and history has a tendency to rhyme, if not repeat.

The Roman silver coin, the Dinarius, from which we get the term "Dinero", widely accepted everywhere, even by Rome's longtime enemies the Sasanid Persians, was originally 90% silver. Each new emperor would come to power, mint new coins with the same face value but lower silver content, and put them into circulation, outlawing the old ones. Eventually the silver coin became a bronze slug. Sound familiar, Federal Reserve and US Treasury.
Even this was insufficient, as the Romans floundered the 'barbarians' began to nibble at the edges, then become even more brazen, finally securing out and out tribute bribery from the Romans. They hired themselves out as Legions as well. Meanwhile Rome did everything in her power to tax the hell out of her own productive citizenry to pay for it all. The wealthy used political means to secure themselves exemptions (shades of today), while the tax burdens and junk fees piled up on the fewer and fewer productive members of Roman society. It finally became so expensive to own land that farmers packed up for the cities en mass, so Rome passed laws requiring the children of farmers to be farmers. Indentured servitude (not the same as slavery, which coexisted) first appears, and to avoid serving time for failing to pay the ever-growing taxes (i.e. working in salt mines or crewing galleons was pretty much a death sentence)...these would be the basis of the new serf class of the middle ages. By the 4th century, many Romans were so tired of the corrupt, decadent, clearly failing system that they actively assisted the "barbarians", or fled the empire entirely.

Anonymous said...

In short, prepare for the day when 99.99% of your wealth and product of your labor will simply be stolen (legally) and handed over either to the government or their corporate masters. Sometime before that happens, Americans will being to either flee or side with the "barbarians" (terrorists? patriots?) to bring down the corrupted system.

Anonymous said...

If you followed the arguements in the Supreme court you would know that the FEC wanted to control free speech even to the point where their lawyers said they would ban a book that mentioned a political issue or a candidate. That would mean they could even ban your blog. The court reaffirmed the 1st amendment. Like it or not that includes all people even those who work at or own companies. Interestingly the unions have for years been exempt from any controls and as anyone can see pretty much own the politicians lock stok and barrel. Didn't that bother you???

Anonymous said...

Unions are made up of actual, live humans, Americans at that.
Corporations are soulless sociopathic (as defined by clinical psychology) legal fictions.
Apple, meet orange.

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt you believe that. But in fact I worked for corporations and I aways worked for a human. Some of them were nice and some not so much. The last corporation I worked for consisted of my boss and me. Union leadership has a pretty scummy history. You couldn't possibly have lived very long if you don't know that. The union members are mostly just working stiffs that have no choice but to join and pay dues but the leadership does some pretty bad shit.

Anonymous said...

Your misdirected hatred of corporations blinds you to the facts. While it's true special interest groups do seek subsidies and preferential treatment from government usually what corporations seek from them is less. Less taxes and less regulation. 99% of the money our government wastes amounting to trillions a year goes to buy votes from common American citizens. Welfare, medicaid, food stamps, etc. You are being fooled inot believing that corporations are getting welfare but most of the money goes to drug smoking, baby factories who never get enough. My advice is keep working millions of welfare recipients are depending on you