Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Black/White, Gay/Straight, Female/Male, Illegal/Legal

I really don't understand why born survivalist tend to be more prone to discriminatory influences than their less prepared brethren.

I used to run a site called Many of you may remember it. The site tracked the blog-spheres survivalist sites giving a brief rundown on the pertinent daily postings. I really enjoyed running the site until early January of 2009. At that time almost universally the survivalist bloggers took a racist tone in their daily postings. I tried to ignore it and even skipped daily posters that were overtly racists but in the end it overwhelmed me and I stopped updating the site. The site remained wildly popular until I closed it down last month even though I had not updated it since mid February 2009.

I cannot say if it was intentional or simply an attack on the most recognizable attribute of our current President but as a Gay American I cannot tolerate nor stomach the hatred that was directed towards a minority group in this country.

In America we are played against each other...We are played like a cheap walmart guitar. Whites against Blacks, Gays against Christians, Undocumented Immigrants against American Citizens.

It is a divisive illusion...An illusion designed to occupy our minds and distract us while the powers that be destroy our livelihood and imprison all of us in a web of debt and corporate control.

Get over it...
Get past it...
Grow up and understand those who seek to destroy us.


Seth said...

Agreed Bigbear!!!!!!! That kind of crap really baffles me as well.

As a member of a few gun clubs, and forums, the attitude you speak of prevails throughout 'our' community.

I don't quite understand it myself, and won't associate with those who discriminate against anyone else's lifestyle choice. There are much bigger problems in this world to worry about.

Mockum said...

I agree with you about the hatred coming out of many so-called survivalists. I became tired of it and stopped reading most survivalist blogs.

Why can't we all just focus on a devastated planet?

Michael said...

Amen Brother.

I suspect it's our core instinct for tribalism but we should be evolved enough to get past prejudice.

And as it pertains to survival... diversity in all things alive increases the chance of survival for all creatures just like living light and in balance with our surroundings. We should embrace our human diversity if we want to survive.

Anonymous said...

I applaud you for this post. It's important that we be able to recognize those parts of our community that we don't find acceptable and speak out about it.

Survivalists talk about the importance of education versus ignorance in all matters, it seems, except this one. Instead, we seem to willfully carry on a campaign of misinformation, making each other ever more ignorant.

Katie N. said...

Too true Bigbear! We need to send folks like that back to kindergarten and have them read The Sneeches by Dr. Seuss - over and over again, until it sinks in!

Mayberry said...

Well Big Bear, while I personally don't approve of such a lifestyle, I don't begrudge those who wish to live that way either. Live and let live sez I, so long as I'm not bothered.

As far as illegals go, they've broken the law. No amnesty. I get fined big time, or go to jail if I break the law... And I know several people who've immigrated legally, or are still in the process. They've spent years, and lotsa dollars to do so. "Legalizing" illegals is a huge kick in the nuts to those who've done it the "right way".

But anyways, we're all wired different. And to that end, I say "to each his own". If we all live our own lives, and mind our own business, we'd all get along great. Judging each individual on the basis of his character versus his color/gender/preference/whatever is the way to fly. On the flip side, force feeding agendas is not.

You post good information here, and you will continue to be one of my daily reads. You're a good guy Bear....

Whit Spurzon said...

Intolerance is all too common and spans a broad spectrum of the population. Sad and pointless.

I don't have to agree with everything someone says/does to find value in a friendship. Some of my best friend have some pretty idiotic notions, usually we can disagree and still enjoy a beer together. Conversely there are those that align closely with my beliefs that I will not associate with because they are jerks.

I'd rather be disliked for what I am as an individual than for the group I'm belong or am put into.

I do think it is human nature to try to inflict our bias' onto others. I don't like it when others do it to me, so I try not to do it to others.

Sorry to hear the idiots got the best of you. Thanks for your prior efforts and I hope the future will bring a renewed energy to share your talents.

chinasyndrome said...

Ha Ha,Bear had no idea you are gay and really dont care. Been reading this one since you started it. Good info here. Yeah divide and conquer. Keep us focused on crap while our country falls down around us!

Karl9x said...

There will be a time when people in this country our ashamed of how we treated some of our fellow Americans.

pebird said...

When it comes to so-called "illegals", if I have a choice between a fat "legal" banker and a hardworking trustworthy "illegal", I'll take that illegal, thank you.

If you want to support the state, fine, but you get to support all of it, not just what you choose to.

fallout11 said...

Some just feel the need to demonize others, whatever the group or individual. Such gives them some sick sense of "purpose" or "direction" in their otherwise directionless, purposeless lives. Having lived my life in the deep south I know the type well enough and see them regularly. They are closed minded and intolerant of what is not a mirror image of their own selves....and even then the often only get along so long as they have something to unite against. A sad behavioral trait, to be sure.

theotherryan said...

THAT WAS YOU? I always wondered why it went black, now I know. Nice site except you stopped posting there and it has been stuck in my top 12 (the easy to get to ones) slowly working its way down since then.

I personally don't care what color people are or who they want to have sex with or whatever. As for illegal immigrants as individuals I have little against them. Worked in a school where I would wager 30% of the kids are illegals and probably 70% of their parents are illegal. Most of them are just people who want a better life. Unfortunately America's ability to absorb unskilled labor is limited and because of this we need a rational immigration policy (with border control and employer enforcement to back it up) to suit our countries needs.

Mayberry said...

I'd just like to add that I really miss Survivalist News. That was a great site Big Bear, you should consider bringing it back, with maybe a more limited selection of survival bloggers, like Riverwalker, and a few others. Homesteading blogs like yours, those dedicated to food storage, canning, survival skills, etc... Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I hate to chime in on crap like this but what many people don't gets is it is the "minority groups" and government institutions that are causing this problem. I can't be an individual and associate with individuals. I have to be a fag and go to gay rights events and gay bars. I can not be and individual, i have to be a african american and associate with african american groups, I can't be a individual that owns his own worthless property and keeps the pantries full for hard times, i have to be a survivalist or doomer, making everyone else sheople. I Can't be an old individual I have to be a senior and a member of AARP. Why I am not a allowed to be Rodney? Why instead i am forced to be a conservative-African American-Senior citizen-homosexual-survivalist. Anyone that Just sees me as Rod is not recognizing diversity thus making them a age-ist, racist homophobic sheople.

Bear, You hit the nail on the head when you said "divide and conquer"
What to many people don't understand is that its the institutions promoting diversity and "acceptance" that are doing the dividing.