Monday, January 7, 2008

Bush Proves Economy Heading To Recession

Friday the Dow Jones tumbled over 200 points on news of very weak jobs creation and a significant rise in the jobless rate. This news coupled with one hundred dollar a barrel oil and anemic production numbers released earlier in the week has fanned the flames of panic on Wall Street on worries of a recession.

It was no coincidence that George Bush met, for the first time in his presidency, with his economic advisor's as group. The show of force photo-op was intended to bolster confidence with American investors.

"While there is some uncertainty, the report is that the financial markets are strong and solid," Bush said.
This is just another lie to keep skittish middle class investors in the market where their life savings can be siphoned off a little at a time. We have gotten use to this presidents tricks. If it is so bad that an unprecedented group shot is necessary, then it’s time to cash out.

No jobs, runaway inflation, a collapsing banking industry and a massive decrease in home values; this financial shit storm can not be averted with happy pictures and empty words. This crisis was created by George Bush and neo-conservative greed. America’s financial ruin was a planned exercise in destruction…destruction of the middle class in America and the reduction of the working classes to slave labor.

Bush went on to offer these words of hope to the millions of cash strapped Americans worried about run away inflation and losing their homes.
"For those of you who are paying more and are worried about your home, we understand that," Bush said. "That's why we have an aggressive policy to help credit worthy people stay in their homes."
In other words, if you are having financial troubles we will not help you…you are on your own. Bail out while you still can, the administration has no intention of stopping the collapse of our economy.

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