Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tremors - Ultimate Survival Movie

Running's not a plan! Running's what you do, once a plan fails!

Trying to escape their dead-end life in the desert town of Perfection, Nevada, Valentine "Val" McKee and Earl Bassett find themselves sidetracked when corpses mysteriously start piling up around them. When Val and Earl have a run-in with some creepy tentacled creatures that have made lunch out of a road crew, they retreat back to the town to spread the news. Although these monsters are not exactly intellectuals, their mental powers are still mind-boggling. Detecting a human hiding in a car, they dig under the vehicle, causing it to sink into the earth. Val and Earl get help from several townspeople, including gun-happy Burt Gummer and his wife Heather Gummer, and also store owner Walter Chang, fellow residents Melvin Plug, Nancy Sterngood, Nancy's daughter Mindy, their friends Miguel and Nestor, and visiting seismologist Rhonda LeBeck. With the help of Rhonda, Val and Earl kill one of the monsters. But there are three of them left, and they are each about 30 feet long. Walter starts calling the monsters graboids. When the survivors think they have outwitted the graboids by taking refuge atop the roofs of buildings, the graboids merely destroy the buildings' foundations, killing two people. The graboids are quick learners when it comes to stalking their prey, and the humans must continually be on their toes if they are to stay alive while they try to find a way to defeat the graboids.

I like this movie.

Tremors takes place in a Perfection Nevada, a small dusty town in a high desert valley surrounded by mountains, it reminds me of home. The movie follows the adventures of two handymen, Val and Earl, as they battle giant mutant worms while trying to save the few inhabitants in the valley. This is a survivalist wet dream of a show. It features:

The Minimalist - Old crotchety prospector living in a tar paper shack, raising sheep and chickens. (not prepared, killed by mutant worms)

The Homesteaders - Retired doctor and his wife are living in a small trailer while building their dream home in the desert. (not prepared, killed by mutant worms)

The Townsfolk - The happy clueless towns people. (not prepared, many killed my mutant worms)

The Survivalists - Our heroes. Well armed, bunker living and self sufficient. Burt and Heather save the day with their guns and homemade bombs. (well prepared, helped kill mutant worms)

"Food for five years, a thousand gallons of gas, air filtration, water filtration, Geiger counter. Bomb shelter! Underground... God damn monsters." laments Burt as he abandons his bunker to the mutant worms.
The underlying theme of this great movie is to be prepared with a plan.

You can pick up the four movies in the Tremors series in a box set for thirteen buck at Wal-Mart. I highly recommend it!

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theotherryan said...

Tremors is definintely a classic. I think it goes to show that no matter how well prepared anybody is something completely crazy could happen and then they are screwed. That is sort of a non lesson I suppose.