Sunday, January 27, 2008

Democrats – Bush's Lapdogs?

There are three possible explanations why the Democrats in Congress are not standing up to George W. Bush as he strips the American people of their Constitutional rights and buries this country in debt to pad his friends' pockets. Not only are the Democrats complacent in their duties as representative of the people--elected on a mandate of change--they are actively participating in the very acts that are moving this country to a Totalitarian State where only the President's word matters.

Democrats (or Republicans for that matter) should not be supporting legislation that allows or increases spying on American citizens (telecommunication immunity in FISA rework), criminalizes dissenting opinions (Violent Radicalization and Terrorist Prevention Act), or bankrupts the country (Iraqi War Funding). Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi or Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid could easily stop destructive legislation by simply not bringing it to the floor…game over. Why don’t they do this?

The American people overwhelmingly support curtailing the runaway Bush administration. Why do the Democrats fear challenging this criminal regime of a Presidency? Truly, that's why we have three branches - Remember a little something called "checks and balances"?

Here are the three possible explanations why the Democrats are following the Bush agenda without questions:

One – Bush Is Crazy

George W. Bush is a crazy man at the controls of the largest, most powerful military force ever put on the face of earth. Hypothetically, what if the Democratic leadership was sat down on the first day of Congress and told to stay out of the way or America would be dropped into a global conflict that would destroy 90 percent of life on earth.? Bush could do it; he does have sole control of an arsenal that could completely depopulate the planet. He has been reported as crazy.

How would Pelosi or Reid act if confronted with this scenario? Would they call for immediate impeachment (is being insane an impeachable offense?)? Or would they simply try to run out the clock without upsetting Bush, hoping that he leaves quietly at the end of his term? My guess is the latter…or else Bush could easily plunge this country into civil war divided between those supporting his neo-conservative agenda and those who look to restore a Constitutionally mandated balance of powers.

Two – Congressional Blackmail

We all have little skeletons in our closet. Hypothetically, what if Bush and his cronies really have been spying on Americans since before 9-11-01. It’s a given that this monitoring includes members of Congress and the judiciary elite. What if on the first day of Congress the leadership was confronted with their skeletons? Maybe they were told that if Presidential impeachment is brought forward then the media would see the leadership’s dirty laundry.

A politician’s first job is to get re-elected. Most, if not all of them, are self serving individuals who plan on feeding at the public trough for the remainder of their lives. To do this they need a relatively clean public image; a scandal and well finances opposition would drive them from office. Would any congressman risk pubic humiliation and expulsion from office to bring forth articles of impeachment against an out of control administration or would they simply try to run out the clock? You would only need to expose a couple of high ranking congressmen and the rest would quickly fall into line.

Or worse - We already know Bush & Cheney are criminally insane. They've literally stolen the wealth of this entire country for their personal pocketbooks at the cost of thousands of innocent lives (perhaps even those who died on 9/11). Maybe they've threatened to kill and murder the families of Congress...Let's be real - They could get away with it.

Three – America Faces Imminent Collapse

Maybe America is under a much greater threat than we are being lead to believe; possibly a Great Depression level economic meltdown or an impending natural event that is being kept quiet. After any large socio/structural upheaval one of the first jobs of the government is to restore order. What if on the first day of Congress this “disaster” was revealed to the leadership. Would they agree that for the continuation of our society some Constitutional rights will need to be suspended? Would they willingly support legislation putting these restrictive measures in place if they thought America was under a grave threat?

Going along with the neo-conservative agenda will guarantee Congress Members and their families a protected seat behind the wall when our country starts the plunge into anarchy. Have our elected officials sold the citizens out for a comfortable existence? After all, Bush need only declare a national emergency and Congress is sent home to fend for themselves. Better to play along and be secure.

Would Congress forsake the American citizens for the protection afforded the "yes men"...I am afraid they already have.


theotherryan said...

I see two reasons which are slightly less extreme. The first reason is that the real difference between republicans and democrats is far far smaller then anyone involved in our political establishment is willing to admit.

The second reason is that for better or worse the two sides of the political establisment strive to get along and nobody ever really rocks the boat very hard. They all know that sooner or later circumstances will be switched and if they take too much of an advantage when they are in charge the other side will also. They will get a little victory here or there such as an assault weapons ban or a tax cut but ultimately they do not exercise full advantage.

Also to think that either side (with rare exceptions such as Ron Paul) truely believes in the constitution or freedom is a mistake. They believe in the parts that fit with their world vision.

judyofthewoods said...

I think it is a bit of all three, plus what Ryan said. They are all members of the Trilateral Commission, THE elite club, all buddies who each get their turn at the big trough. Elections and any display of difference (what little there is) is nothing but a charade.

BigBear said...

I grew up under Illinois politics. When a Republican was governor the democratic businessmen who focused on construction and government contracts simply closed up shop until a Democrat was re-elected. At that point the republican businessmen then went home.

This level of cronyism operates on the national level as well, just on a much bigger scale.

We are all just working pawns in the elitist game of chess. Hopefully we will not starve to death waiting to be moved.

I just love you Judy!