Thursday, July 31, 2008

McCain Screwed

I live in the ultra conservative Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is the corporate headquarters for 98 fundamentalist christian organizations as well as focus on the family and other klan base ministries. This town is comprised of mostly of retired military and fundamentalist christian extremist. They are as right as right can get.

Here is how I know McCain cannot win. There are plenty of people driving around with "W" and "veterans for bush" stickers on their Saudi lovin Cadillacs and bullet proof SUV's. But lately I have seen a massive amount of Obama 08 bumper sticker and house signs. Unprecedented in a town of this political/corporate persuasion. I have yet to see one McCain bumper sticker in this bastion of conservative values...not one

The media is trying to keep this thing a foot race but honestly it is all over for the republican candidate.

Oh, I will have a real post tomorrow about things that can actually impact your life.


The Urban Survivalist said...

It's scary isn't it? I thought it was funny how the media has been clinging to the "Obama is just a celebrity" angle that the GOP has been trying to push lately. Don't get me wrong. I think that Obama will be horrible for this country and he'll likely be the nail in the coffin but I just don't see how he can lose at this point.

Thunder Pig said...

As an ultra-conservative, perhaps I can clear things up a bit.

I have Bush/Cheney 2000, 2004 AND 2008 bumper stickers on my truck, NRA and ILA bumper stickers and a Rapture Warning Bumper Sticker.

I will not be placing a McCain bumper sticker on my truck because I do not like the man, and he is a lefty-loving RINO.

I will, however, be voting for him in November.

Conservatives are not enthusiastic about him the way we are about Bush.

That could change if he chooses a more conservative running mate.

If Obama does win, I'd suggest you stock up on Potassium Iodide.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Obama will win. My predicition is he will be the next McGovern. Democraps are always quick to make their liberal slants known with bumper stickers, signs and in your face conventions and politicing. Republi-cons just do their jobs, keep their mouths shut and keep their opinions to themselves.

But, thunder pig - the pk pills are in stock, just in case.

katn92 said...


Anonymous said...

Hmm, "fundamentalist christian extremist"? That is a contradiction in terms. A fundamentalist embraces core values, while an extremist rejects those values for something maybe not even on the fringe. An example of an extremist would be Unitarians, they do not hold accept fundamental values, thus extremist.

Perhaps you meant to say that you personally find a person who holds fundamental values as being too rigid, unyeilding. That is the nature of a foundation. Your views then would be extremist to a fundamentalist. 'Mkay? Don't know WHERE the klan came in there.

Now, the opinion section:
Obamassiah & the Panamanchurian candidate Juan McCan't are both dangerous CFR sock puppets.

I'm writing in Ron Paul.

Survivalist News said...

Klan based ministries are Christian Churches that are intolerant of people who are not like them. These churches are very xenophobic.

Fundamentalist Christian Extremist are Christianities version of the Radical Islamic Fundamentalist. They accept anyone so long as you blindly follow there teachings. They believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible. They also believe in spreading their faith to the exclusion of all others and at any price.

The first group will not support Obama because he is black. The second because he is liberal and possibly a "gasp" Muslim.

The argument is that these are the core conservative voters who will support their parties candidate regardless of how much they dislike them, made clear by thunder pig's comments.

And they are not supporting McCain.

Who ever is elected will inherit a shit mess that will only get worse. No end in sight

Mayberry said...

Six of one, half a dozen of the other..... Obammy is a (not so much) "closet communist", and McCain is a noodle spined (for the most part) flim flam artist typical politician.... Writing in Ron Paul might be the best thing to do. I still don't know which of the other two boobs is worse, but I definitely will not vote for Obammy.

Together We Stand said...

I agree with Mayberry

fallout11 said...

Well put, survivalist news.