Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bail Yourself Out - I Won't

Does anybody still trust anything that comes out of George Bush's mouth. This evil administration is simply trying to secure wealth for the elite while locking the working classes into slavery for the next century. I don't expect anyone to bail me out of bad business would be nice but I understand the risks involved and accept them. How dare this administration bail out the rich on the back of the workers we are broke as it is. There should be rioting in the streets. Any member on congress who supports this jump into fascism must be removed from office. The investment bankers made trillions off these financial schemes, let them fix their own problems.


Everyone needs to prepare at this point. If this passes I feel that the citizens of this country have no moral obligation to support any company involved in this hijacking of capitalist principals. Stop paying your credit card bills, walk away from your mortgage. As I see it we have already paid them! NO MORE


Jenny Abrenica said...

You said to stop paying our credit card bills. That sounds good, but then they'll garnish my husband's wages! That's not very desirable!

Isn't it just as immoral as what they're doing if we buy something on our credit card, and then don't pay for what we bought? Isn't that stealing?

BigBear said...

I have no moral issues with not paying. It is really doubtful that your wages will be garnished for credit card debt. That is a scare tactic debt collectors use.