Monday, September 22, 2008

If They Don't Listen - Bring Them Down

Massive resistance from working Americans and the continued sell off on Wall Street this morning may doom the Bush Administrations fascist agenda. Apparently the people of this country don't really like the idea of bailing out the elite on the backs of the working class. The question being asked is simple, why doesn't the American Government just give that trillion plus bailout to the American homeowners who could then pay their mortgages thus saving the system. But there would be no scam in that.

Remember most of these big investment firms and globalist banks are in large part owned by foreign investors who may not agree with the principals of democracy or capitalism...they just like making money on the backs of the workers. China and the Saudi royal family come to mind.

We are paying off the foreign elite, taking on the bad debt and still being asked to pay our bills on time. American taxpayers are being forced to pay three times over for bad corporate business decisions.

Here is my suggestion.

If the government moves forward with this obscene abuse of power and nationalizes the debt of these mismanaged companies we call for a general strike. Not a walk off the job strike...a walk away from your bills strike. If every American would stop paying their credit card bills for one month it would break the system and the government would sit up and pay attention to the will of the people...not the will of their corporate overseers. If the government still does not listen we don't pay for a second month and continue until they clean up their act and start working for the People of America.

The Achilles Heel of a government ran by greed is the greed itself. At this point voting is irrelevant both parties are fully bought. The people have the power to correct this gross imbalance and drive corrupt corporate interests out of government. Just stop paying the corporations.

These companies are sending our jobs overseas and wreaking our economy with our governments consent! Corporations lobby congress for legislative favors using lobbyists that we pay for. We enable a system actively working against our best interests. The global elite hold power because we feed their agenda, we pay for them to corrupt our government process, all we need to do is stop giving them money. Without money they loose power and go away.

This is the United States of America and our government works for the citizens of this country not global corporations. Don't boycott, Don't walk off the job, just stop paying your bills. Americans have been working backwards, we cannot vote out legislative members who take corporate handouts...they all take handouts. We can break the corporations that give handouts. If we could take down a Bank of America in a month the corporate money would leave Washington forever. This is the Peoples Nuclear Option!

I am not saying that you should stop paying all your bills. Credit card bills would give you the most bang for the buck, they are directly attached to the banking industry who is asking for this criminal bailout.

Think about it!


Mayberry said...

Sounds like a plan to me Big Bear. Too bad most sheeple will never see it, or participate if they did....

Anonymous said...

Big Bear, I've been following your progress for about 1.5 months. Awesome site. As for the credit card bill idea....Genius. But as Mayberry said some people would be to chicken to possibly ruin their credit scores.

Anonymous said...

Hello Big Bear....I am so glad to hear someone say this, it is powerful and it can be the new union of the people and what is even more profound is that it is already happening and that is what has caused this to begin with, the people can no longer meet the needs of the weathy's pockets...we can't make them enough money so we are not able to pay the credit cards or other bills and there are more and more people that just can't pay it anymore. So whether the people stand together or not it is more than likely going to happen.

Staying Alive said...

I just like the idea that someone is wanting to fight back! But the sheeple won't do it. They see those crdit score commercials on so many pages they think it is the end all, be all, of American living. Dumbasses.



Anonymous said...

When in the Course of human events….

The time is now. We the people must take our country back. No more bailouts. No more foreclosures. No more bankruptcies. No more raping of the people and looting of the People's Treasury.

The call for action: On October 3rd, 2008 We The People call for a national day of protest. Do not make any purchases. Do not go to work. Do not send your kids to school. Limit all commercial transactions. We need to get our elected officials to understand that We The People will not take any further abuse at the hands of our leaders laying down. Take to the streets.

Please email/circulate to as many people as possible.
Please email/circulate to as many people as possible.


RoadScribe said...

Well said Big Bear:
Learn to live a cash basis lifestyle or the bankers could use your debt to make you conform. I live and run a business with no credit cards, and one bill left to financial independence.

If you need help, there's an angel called Dave Ramsey that'll drill it into your head that a credit score is an "I love debt score."