Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Great Decline

This $700 billion dollar bailout will remove bad debt from the global banks investment sheets. It will help the global banks with liquidity. It will allow them to return to business as usual. It will allow them to start reinvesting...IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES.

This $700 billion dollar bailout will not fix the housing no new housing loans. It will not bring jobs to the country...American's will not be buying. It will not decrease fact it will increase inflation. It will not reduce the price of fact crude prices will increase greatly.

All this $700 billion dollar bailout does is protects the elite's investments. Without jobs and a fix to the housing crisis the American economy is still on exactly the same course. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THIS BILL TO HELP THE AMERICAN WORKERS.

Your housing values will continue to decline. Your 401k will continue to be plundered. Your standard of living will continue to decrease. All the bad things Bush dredged up in this "speech" last night will still happen.

This $700 billion dollar bailout was not designed to help the workers. It is there to unburden the elite and allow them to continue raping the workers of the world. If this was about helping the people congress would have forced the administration to allow bankruptcy judges to reevaluate mortgage contracts and helped those homeowners swindled by inflated property assessments.

Property values will never return to their fraudulent high point set a couple of years ago. There are no jobs coming into this country. Without high paying jobs property values will not increase, common sense. If this bill passes the government becomes your landlord, debt holder and slave master. You are completely under it's thumb, or rather under the thumb of the North American Union. After we have dropped to third world status and every penny is stripped The United States of America will be reborn, muted and stunted, as the North American Union embracing our brothers to the North and South.

America is in the Great Decline, a decline planned and driven by globalization and the greed of the elite. It is over.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%, the meltdown is happening, and the globalists are laughing all the way to the bank, their bank.

Anonymous said...

Big Bear,
Well put in the last few of your posts. Sadly I feel you are hitting it square on the nose. I grieve for my kids and grandkids. NOTHING will be the same anymore. This country has exhausted the rights we were given by our forefathers now we are being led down the tubes by our own doing basically. What ever happened to the people deciding on issues? I have talked to many that have notified their reresentatives NOT to go through with this fool hearty plan but as we speak it looks like they are going to shove it down our throats. thanks again for the posts they have helped me tremendously!!

Florida Mom

Jenny Abrenica said...

You said there are no new jobs coming to this country. Ok. So what do you plan to do for a living when half the country is competing for half the jobs there are now?

Trying to figure this out now, since my husband is a CA public high school special ed teacher.

Get a teaching job in a non-bankrupt state while learning self-sufficiency from the Amish? Move to New Zealand and hope they will still pay their teachers?

What do you do for income? How do you transition in a short time from a city-slicker to an off-the-grid person who can live without cash?

BigBear said...


I have paid off my bills, built and outfitted a retreat home paid for with cash and stockpiled enough food and supplies to last several years or until I can get a garden growing and some chickens producing.

I don't need an income over the few hundred bucks a year necessary for taxes.

Teaching is a very stable job.

In 2001 I realized that our society is not sustainable in a post peak oil era. I started making adjustments to my lifestyle accordingly and now, seven years later, I can easily exist removed from that consumer based society.

What are the essentials for life. focus on that. You need food and shelter, don't get stuck on corporately imposed moral hangups. Pay yourself and take care of your needs first, then give the greedy corporations a cut if you feel that is necessary. I think tomorrow I will probably post a getting started article. It may or may not help.

Anonymous said...

I am a newcomer to this site. I have found a web site that shows with proof what alot of you people are saying so please go find out what the government is doing behind our backs.

God help us all!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a newcomer to this site. I have found a web site that shows with proof what alot of you people are saying so please go find out what the government is doing behind our backs.

God help us all!!!