Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daily Survivalist News Source

When I started Blogging I was frustrated by the lack of organization within the Survivalist community. I love reading prepper/doomer posts but hated the daily jumping from site to site looking for interesting information. RSS feeds helped but there was no notification when new sites came up or a daily digest of crash related news.

The other day I came across the Survivalist News site. Although still in testing they appear to be moving in a useful direction. Their team grabs teaser text and link backs to the daily posts on a number of survival site as well as crash related news items. I really like this site, here is a blurb from their front page.

SurvivalistNews.com is a daily rundown of all the hot survival sites on the web. An excerpt from each article is included along with a link back to the originating site. The posts are categorized by topic and archived for easy searching and retrieval. Crash critical news will also be tagged to keep you informed about timely collapse related issues. SurvivalistNews.com is updated several time each day.
You should check them out.


judyofthewoods said...

Thanks for that - good link.

Mayberry said...

Great link, Thanks! Saves a lot of time flippin' through the blogs.