Friday, November 9, 2007

Books and Bikes

Books and Bikes should be added to the four basics. These two item, more than any others, represent simplified existence.

Bikes will move to the forefront in transportation over the next decade. As oil prices continue to skyrocket with the passing of Peak Oil and citizens are forced into lower paying jobs; alternative transportation methods will become necessary. Get a comfortable bike that can be ridden to the market or to visit neighbors. Since most of your food is home grown that daily trip to the supermarket or fast food joint is eliminated. A large basket or lightweight trailer allows for the transportation of tradeable goods or tools. Learn the operation of your bike and how to service it. This skill will be in demand in the coming years.

Books are our escape and connection to the knowledge of the past. Find your local library and join. Books are divided into two categories. The first is entertainment. These books you get from the library or your local book bank and represent your preferred literary genre. The second is your personal reference library. These books include topics that are necessary to survival such as planting or building techniques, possibly first aid or basic veterinary skills maybe an old set of the Encyclopedia Britannica. You should scour the local used book stores for inexpensive additions to your reference library. Search for topics that will aid you in transitioning to a sustainable existence.

I can imagine that it would be very satisfying to once a week get on your bike, ride to the library, pick a couple of books and ride home.

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