Monday, November 19, 2007

Solar Oven

I tried my hand at building a solar oven this past week. The unit is a 2x2 foot box that tapers from 14” to 10” on the sides. It is lined with sheet metal painted black and there is a one inch gap between the metal and the wood. The front is covered with an old storm window. In theory the unit is set on the larger end to pick up the winter sun and laid flat during the summer months. The oven has not yet been insulated and the glass covering is not sealed properly against the open side of the box. I will post some pictures sometime this week.

When I leave for work the unit is faced toward the morning sun. I walk the dogs over lunch and the thermometer consistently reads about 150 degrees at that time. Apparently more heat needs to be held in the box. This afternoon I will run by Home Depot and pick up a 2x4 foot polyurethane insulation panel and some sort of sealer for the window. The temperature I am shooting for is 200 to 250 degrees. Additionally the size of the oven might be to big.

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