Monday, November 12, 2007

Gun Nuts at Rampart Range

Normally target practice takes place on Bear Ridge with a water jug on a stick. This years elk season has forced us to visit our local firing range. The elk take refuge in the private properties that surround Bear Ridge and I really hate disturbing them with unnecessary gun fire. Plus the gun fire brings truck loads of hunter in your direction apparently attracted by the sharp staccato of the powerful 22 rifle. There is nothing quite as disturbing as four business men dressed in well pressed camouflage suits tearing up the road towards you with huge guns bristling from their fifty thousand dollar penis truck.

This was our first trip to an actual shooting range. The Rampart Range Gun Park is located about five miles into the foothills above Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs. It is an unsupervised firing range, meaning that there are no officials or structure for that matter, to get in the way of your shooting pleasure. A gun nuts paradise to be sure. There were three distinct shooting areas. The first was a shotgun range, the second clearing apparently for rifles and small artillery and a tiny third area with green targets that faintly resemble cutouts of little people or fat aliens, not sure which, for hand guns.

I have two 22 rifles one a bolt action the other a semi automatic, an old nine shot 22 revolver and a 12 gauge pump shotgun used exclusively to defend against zombies. The 22 bullets can be used in any of the guns except the shotgun of course. This arrangement is very economical with 22 LR bullets costing about ten dollars for a case of five hundred. This is an efficient collection that can kill anything that needs killed. Though I must say that my guns feel rather anemic after viewing the arsenal assembled on the mountainside Saturday afternoon.

We arrived around two and decided to spend some time on the shotgun range. Now I love shooting a shotgun the gun is heavy and has just the right amount of kick. One of the goals for the day was to get my partner comfortable with the loading and firing of the manly weapon. Remember the zombies can come at any time. He did great and it was much fun. He had some trouble with hitting any targets but that will come.

After switching guns we moved to the rifle range. Everyone watched as we walked to the end of the shooting stations and eyed us as we open our case. I swear I heard a few snickers as we pulled our 22’s out and prepared to fire. Apparently we were not showing the proper reverence to the larger guns around us as we kept getting bad looks even though we hit what we shot.

A gentleman standing directly to our left had what can best be described as a large machine gun with legs. I didn’t know that you could really buy those things. He was having some trouble balancing it and kept shooting the ground about thirty feet from the table which sprayed everyone with dirt. But it was a very big gun so everyone just looked in awe as he finally righted himself and emptied the magazine into the distant hillside while screaming Yeahhhhhhhhh. As the last bullet left the barrel he said “Thank you Jesus”.

Now not being one easy shaken let me tell you that I found it very difficult to concentrate well enough during the firing rampage to reload my small insignificant bullets. We shot a few more rounds under the scornful eyes of the true gun nuts and started packing up.

Glancing towards the handgun range I saw a man with a very large pistol on his hip. He was nursing a cannon like device mounted on a tripod. There appeared to be some loving talk between him and his strange gun although I could not make out the words over the ringing in my ears. He proceeded to shoot the small green alien standing about twenty feet from the end of his muzzle. The innocent visitor fell to the ground with a hole in its center. The nutter then pulled the gun from his hip and emptied the clip into our fatally wounded friend. Apparently aliens are as big a threat as zombies.

I noticed a couple of important things this Saturday afternoon. First a bullet kills equally well weather it comes from a 22 or a small cannon. So choose the weapon you want and are comfortable with. Secondly our founding fathers knew what they were doing. As long as these wonderful gun nuts are armed as enthusiastically as they are we will never fall under tyranny at the end of a gun. There are many other ways to oppress a population but in the United States it will not be by the end of a gun.


theotherryan said...

You have something of a point. In the big picture gunfights are determined by A) having a gun and B) knowing how to use it. That being said having a rifle that will safely take big game (2 and 4 legged) at long rangs would really help with your ability to procure food and protect yourself.

Also a defensive caliber pistol would be awefull nice. The .22 revolver will kill somebody but that is not you primary goal. Your primary goal is to STOP THE THREAT before they can hurt you.

We all live on a budget and you can round out your battery for about $650.00 before ammo. Correct me if I am wrong but you are in Kalifornia? If so I would suggest a lever action marlin rifle (just because they don't make winchesters anymore) chambered for 30-30. It is a great compromise between being affordable, reasonable rate of fire and effectiveness for hunting (at under 150 yards). For a pistol I would suggest a taurus .357 magnum revolver with a 4 inch barrel.

I know that I am verging on being overloaded with guns but you are on the light side. I would suggest that over time as your budget allows you remedy that situation.

BigBear said...

I know what you are saying but that $650 would buy an extra solar panel, a nice wind generator or three years of emergency food so it just takes time.

I am actually in the conservative stronghold of the west, Colorado Springs. The cabin is in the foothills of the southern rockies about two hours south of here.