Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Canned Food is Bad

This is just a quick note on stocking food for the winter. A couple of years ago I stocked the cabin with enough canned food for a couple of months survival. It was not meant to be a transitional food supply just enough to get me through a blizzard comfortably.

Canned food freezes and become a crystal looking inedible mess. So unless your home is well heated or kept above freezing all the time do not stock canned food.

Go to the market and buy some dry bean and rice. Try the flavored instant potato packets possibly some instant stuffing. I like buying Ramón Noodles they are easy, hot and are very inexpensive. Make sure you have coffee and instant pancake mix for breakfasts. Salt, pepper and assorted spices are also helpful. Be sure to put your food in a sealable plastic bin or bucket this insures that the mice can not get to it. Remember this is your emergency snowed in food supply not your escape from society stocks.

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