Friday, November 2, 2007

The Bear Ridge Project

The goal of the Bear Ridge Project is to develop an off-grid, sustainable life existence for my partner and I on less than one hundred dollars per month. Our cabin is off-grid and self sufficient, but at this time we are not. Over the past few years the realization emerged that building shelter was only half the battle. Moving from a consumer driven economy to an independent existence is a very difficult task.

Understand that my partner and I are very skilled at our jobs. We make good money which we exchange for food and other supplies that are needed to sustain life. The two of us are very good at this. Unfortunately these skills are useless in a lifestyle that in not based on money.

Growing a potato in a cup of water thirty years ago is the extent of my practical knowledge in agricultural. My bread has always been purchased in a plastic sleeve and my beer comes from the liquor store. And although I own guns it is doubtful that I could hit anything moving faster than a tree. My hunting experience consists of two hours when I was five complaining to my dad about being cold and tired. My partner’s experience is roughly the same as mine although I do have more experience in agriculture.

This journal is a record of my journey to gain the valuable knowledge necessary to live an independent, sustainable life. As well as the reasoning behind this desire. So enjoy.


Alpine Acres said...

Nice changes to your site!!! I seen ya drive by a few times while I was outside adding to my compost pile. How's things in your neck of the woods?

BigBear said...

Thanks, I have been wanting start blogging (hate that word) and have finally gotten around to it.

The jeep is giving me some trouble that why I was driving by like a crazy person today. Had a tune up last week and now it runs ok but it looses power going up hills. Barely made it over La Veta pass. So I am going to take it into Fort Garland in the morning and see if they can spot the problem. Hope it is something simple.

Other than that just cutting up some scrap to put on the fire and cleaning.

The hunters are really annoying.

How have you been doing?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dearie -

Just wanted to say hi : )

Leland said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! (and you thought you hated the word 'blog'!)... good to see you writing, and to get your thoughts on stuff... thanks for sharing!

BigBear said...

I do hate the term Blog. I prefer Online Journal which would be an OJ.

Stay out of trouble