Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cabin Break In

Went down to the cabin today to find that it had been broken into and ransacked. Need to rethink the "The best defense is obscurity, unobtrusiveness and silence" approach to prepping. I will write more tomorrow.

NOTE they did not take any food items or food stores only took things they could sell and drank all the booze. Messed the place up pretty bad but did no structural damage. They also broke my favorite back scratcher this really pissed me off.


Future Farmer said...


Sorry to see this happening to you .
I guess the thieves are more of a problem than I thought.
Once you are there full time with the dogs and maybe video camera this will stop.

BigBear said...

They are much more of a problem than I thought also. Had a couple of wildlife cameras placed around but they were actually getting wildlife shots. They will be re-aimed.

Kyle D said...

People are unbelievable. Hope he gets shot at the next house he tries.

Anonymous said...

Man that sucks. I was just wondering a few days ago as I read your blog about the possibility of some lowlife scum breaking in when you're not there. Hopefully next time they try that shit, they meet an irate homeowner.

theotherryan said...

I am quite bummed to hear about the break in. I suppose the isolated non full time retreat has its drawbacks. The next time crooks come I hope u are there with 2 weiner dogs and a scatter gun to convince them its a bad idea. I am glad to hear ur food preps did not get screwed with. had some good posts about securiti at non full time retreats, hiding stuff and the like. It would take a bit of time to find them but it might be worth it for u. Again sad to hear about the whole thing.

judyofthewoods said...

Sorry to hear about that. Huggs. Hope the scum bags will have the mother of all hangovers drinking your booze.
A friend of mine has a cabin here in the same valley, which was broken in when he was not living there. I've never had any trouble, being here all the time (though my no-bull-shit reputation might help ;-) )Occupation is a deterrent. Maybe canned dog barking, if it sounds real enough, or a booby trap, where a tripwire pulls out a horizontal pin from the top of a tube, which holds a plumb bob which then drops onto the end of a shotgun cartridge. Take the shot out, just leave the powder in. No one gets hurt, but they are going to have hell of a scare. Not sure though how that sits with the law over there. I think that would almost certainly be an offense over here.

Michael Hawkins said...

Man that sucks :(
Protection against just the elements doesn't even cut it!

Anything valuluable/valued go missing?

2knives said...

I have no personal experience with this but it sounds like the perfect device you need. Better days and instant karma for the muthafu**ers who broke into the cabin. What goes around comes around. Hang tuff.

BigBear said...


Thanks, that's a good idea, something like that with pepper spray could easily be rigged to go off when the door was opened. I will do some more research into it.

Alpine Acres said...

Chris, I was sorry to hear of that happening to you! Throwing lead at different times when someone unknown drives by works wonders as does tire tracks in the driveway. I tried stopping by the cabin to talk with you but you weren't there so I thought you'd be over Nicole's house and then found out you headed be to the big bad city.

I am keeping a VERY watchful eye open and I've had to release some anger over this by throwing lead from a fairly loud .270 and used 2 boxes of rounds. I will personally run down and question anyone I see in the area that doesn't belong out here and take photos of their vehicles too! At least they'll know they're being watched!

See ya this weekend!


BigBear said...

Thanks Mtn_Tracker,

I decided to go ahead and head back up here. I will swing by on Saturday or Sunday when I get down there.

Talk to you later my friend