Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Garden Update

Look at those monster tomato plants. The beasts are blooming and very hungry. The tall one tried to eat little Conway a couple of days back, I had to beat it off him with a stick.

Anyway they are in full bloom and looking to be pollinated. I am either going to use a spray bottle with distilled water to gently mist the blooms or place a small fan close to them. Not sure quite yet.

They are also sucking up a tremendous amount of water, about a half gallon per day. But hey, the payoff is a succulent piece of fruit that can sustain me and possibly support me. These were planted in early November.


theotherryan said...

Having big fresh tomatoes in late feb is awesome.

judyofthewoods said...

Looks like you have enough light to grow them in winter. Lucky you!
Have you come across growing tomatoes upside-down? - and a photo on Flickr . Not just a novel way of growing them, but seems to have some advantages. I'm going to try it.

John Hutchison said...

I've done the upside-down tomatoes thing the last two years with great success.

I use hanging plastic baskets, cut a hole in the bottom (this usually can be achieved by snipping out the structural supports around the drainhole), stick the young plant through, fill with dirt, hang up, and water every day. I had great success, but didn't like wasting the water, so I stuck a conventional potted tomato plant underneath each hanging one to catch the drip.

And last year, I planted jalapenos in the top of the hanging baskets to keep bugs away, and the jalapenos did even better than the tomatoes.

BigBear said...

I am going to try those upside-down tomatoes with the next batch of seedlings I plant.

Thanks everyone