Friday, February 22, 2008

One Acre Of...

How much can you produce on one acre of land. Yields will of course vary but you get an good general idea of what is necessary to support yourself and family.


40 bushels of wheat per acre
73 loafs of bread per bushel of wheat
2920 loafs of bread per acre of wheat
Feed 28 people 2 loafs a week for a year


32 bushels of barley per acre
851 12oz bottles of beer per bushel of barley
27323 12oz bottles of beer per acre
Produce 4 bottles of beer a week for 128 people for a year

Green Beans

40 bushels of beans per acre
148 cups per bushel of beans
5920 cups of beans per acre
Feed 8 people 2 cups of beans a day for a year


Anonymous said...

You're overestimating your cereal yields, unless you're planning on using industrial farming equipment and artifical fertilizers on first rate farmland.

Figure 20 bushels per acre, less if your acre isn't ideal for cereal crops. (extremely rocky, clay, or drought prone)

As far as green beans go (I'm thinking you're talking about string beans, the kind you buy as canned vegetables) you're right on, if you can irrigate or get lucky with rainfall, you could have a much bigger harvest, 2 or 3 times as much.

It'd probably be better to "farm" a smaller patch for a higher yield in the case of green beans. No clue on how well that would work with the cereal crops though.

Anonymous said...

try pole beans you can feed a family of four on a 5 foot long roll.

theotherryan said...

Good info though it seems like a hard thing to pin down with all of the variables (soil, water, temp, season, techniques of growth). Though provoking all the same. Seems like a few acres could do a lot.

The Scavenger said...

Great info Bear and thanks. Check out and see what this family raises on a 1/10 of an acre. It will blow your mind. Keep in mind they are in the middle of Pasadena CA. and I mean in the middle.

Anonymous said...


Irespective of what you intended to grow: given that you dug 50 sq yards per day - it would take you 14 weeks to turn over an acre - by which time the weeds would have grown back in the first section dug.

Anonymous said...

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Gaby said...

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