Friday, February 8, 2008

They Simply Had Enough

The following two news items really clarify what the corporate/government complex fears from a disenfranchised population with guns who's Constitional rights are being restricted and in many situations completely stripped. As we move into the new depression era I would expect to see events of this nature almost daily from displaced homeowners and desparate unemployeed who are out of options; not willing to quietly starve to death as the government ignores their problems while spending billions to bail out the corporate elite.

Missouri Shooter’s Motives Emerge - Kirkwood Missouri

A man who police say went on a shooting rampage at City Hall in a St. Louis suburb Thursday night had recently lost a lawsuit against the city stemming from disorderly conduct convictions that resulted from his frequent clashes with city officials.

Charles Lee Thornton used two weapons in killing five people and wounding two others at the City Council meeting in Kirkwood, Mo., police said. The first of the five people killed, Police Sgt. William Biggs, was shot outside the building with a large-caliber revolver and then stripped of his weapon, said Tracy Panus, spokeswoman for the St. Louis County Police Department.

Gerald Thornton repeatedly declined to say that his brother had done anything wrong. He said his brother felt his "constitutional protection was not guaranteed," but he refused to explain further or give any detail.

"The only way that I can put it in a context that you might understand is that my brother went to war tonight with the people that were of the government that was putting torment and strife into his life," Thornton told KMOV.

Man Charged With Super Bowl Threat - Phoenix Arizona

A restaurateur angry at being denied a liquor license threatened to shoot people at the Super Bowl and drove to within sight of the stadium with a rifle and 200 rounds of ammunition before changing his mind, federal authorities said.

Kurt William Havelock said in a manifesto mailed Sunday to media outlets that he would "shed the blood of the innocent," according to court documents.

Federal authorities say Havelock was upset because his establishment was recently denied a liquor license by the city of Tempe, a Phoenix suburb.

The FBI said in the complaint that Havelock had planned to attack Super Bowl fans at the stadium in what he called an "econopolitical confrontation."

"I will not be bullied by the financial institutions and their puppet politicians," Havelock wrote in the eight-page manifesto, according to the complaint.

"I will test the theory that bullets speak louder than words. Perhaps the blood of the inculpable will cause a paradigm shift. ... Someone has to start the revolution but no one wants to be first."

"How many dollars will you lose? And all because you took my right to own a business from me," the manifesto said.


Anonymous said...

I'm not even sure how I found your blog, but Damn, do I ever agree with that first paragraph! I am fully expecting more and more stories like this, and depending on the situation in a case-by-case basis, if I'm sitting on the jury, I'm going to be taking a lot more into consideration than a Judge may instruct me to consider. It used to be that if a man threatened another man's ability to provide for his family, and live independently in pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness... that defending those rights with force was understood. I believe that we will see an increase in cases where individuals are pushed to such extremes against corporations, government, and those that seek to gradually steal-away our rights.

Anonymous said...

I concur, we will see more of this, and because of it, the government will come down hard on our civil rights, particularly the right to keep and bear arms.

judyofthewoods said...

The Unabomber multiplied indefenatly.

Oldman in the Boonies said...

we are cannon fodder for the PTB, ruling elite, what ever you want to call them. They belive that it is America by the elite, of the elite and for the elite. They consider us slaves.

"I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live my life for another nor expect them to live for me." John Galt...Atlas Shrugged, read it and learn

theotherryan said...

I think that these are both sad incidents which could have been handled better. I am supprised that eminent domain has not lead to a shooting or two. In both of these situations the people could have handled it better. The first fellow should have gotten a bussiness license for his concrete company. He had been banned from speaking at these meetings for geneal outbursts of profanity.

Kyle D said...

RE theotherryan:

According to his brother (not the greatest source, I know) he HAD the permits, showed them to the proper authorities, who then said he did not need to pay the fines, but they refused to take those tickets off his name. Why? who knows.

Obviously he should've found a better idea than shooting up a city council.

I had this idea at work, after seeing this incident. Why doesn't someone do the EXACT same thing, but with a SuperSoaker? The worst that would happen is a short arrest for disturbing the peace or something, and the person could then say "instead of chosing to shoot them with my AR-15, I wanted to peacefully show my discontent." It would draw a TON of media coverage, I'm thinking.

The Other Mike S. said...

I wrote about this on Friday as well. This guy handled this poorly - obviously - but we don't know how or if he was being messed with by the local government. A lot of the local .GOV guys will exert their power just because they can. They're just taking their lead from the feds.

I don't know if this guy was nuts or had just been pushed over the edge, but I too believe we'll be seeing many more cases such as this in the future.