Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Beans

I am getting much better at raising the beans.

If you follow this blog to any degree you know that I am moving to the cabin in June to a simple life. Many of these entries here are about my learning experience regarding what I would call critical skills. Growing plants successfully indoors is one of those skills.

Beans are a necessary part of any survivalists diet and knowing how to grow them is soundly important. The problem I was having was with sprouting. If I could get the bean plant to come out of the ground everything was fine but getting those little buggers to come out is difficult.

So here's the trick, lots of heat (80 to 90 degrees)and warm water, planted no deeper than one half inch. They will pop their heads up and look healthy after a few days of germination. I give them warm water daily and keep them on a high shelf in a toasty room. The beans above are five days old and will be re-potted later this week.

My tomato plants are also blooming.

I will write about some security issues and lessons learned from the recent robbery on Monday. Oddly enough the Saturday trip to the cabin was a bug out simulation to test the new truck...unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the truck wasn't the only thing tested.


theotherryan said...

I guess the truck got a little lesson and ou got a bigger lesson. Do not get down on ourself. Just make sure to add good thought to ur furute preparations. be whoever teh heck ou want to be just plan accordingli.

Anonymous said...

Once you move to the retreat your security issues will change. I live at my retreat and I make it a practice to make an armed patrol as much as the snow will allow. The dog, the SKS and I walk our fencelines.

judyofthewoods said...

I suspect that when 5:34 patrols his property he is not only on the lookout for trouble, but trouble may also see him and think twice. Occupation will be some deterrent in itself, but making a show of toughness goes a long way too. I have lived in this isolated, yet accessible cabin since 1995 without rowdy trouble. I am female and living on my own, so you'd think I was in a double vulnerable situation. However, early on I have tackled a number of guys with guns who had trespassed on my land (legitimately hunting on my neighbor's land, but didn't observe the boundary). I was furious because no one shoots wildlife on my property, and my own safety didn't even enter my head. Well, you've heard the saying about hell hath no fury etc. The rest is word of mouth. I've even had feedback from someone saying anyone trying to mess with me would be mad. I'm not saying act like a banshee when you spot someone uninvited, but any demonstration of 'I can look after myself' or 'don't mess with me' helps.

Anonymous said...

5:34 here. Judy you are correct, I believe it is a matter of setting a precident or standard if you will. I doubt if anyone actually sees me, but I guess it is possible. I established the fact that I am a couple of bubbles off center years ago..LOL( evil laugh). I suggest that our blog host do the same when you move in june. Let it be known that you will not tolertate trespassing of any kind.