Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Practice Your Preparedness

Just a real quick note on something that happened to me today regarding preparedness follow through.

The new truck runs great but it is nearly thirty years old so I keep my jeep around in case it decides to act up. I knew the starter in the truck needed replacing but put it off. This morning when I went out to leave for work the truck would not start.

Not an issue, I'm a survivalist, I see the problems coming and preempt them. Full of myself for my planning prowess I jumped in the jeep and started it up. It was only then that I saw the fatal error in my backup transportation plan.

The jeep was completely blocked by the truck. Although I had a fully gassed backup vehicle that was ready to go I had no way of getting the thing on the road. It took me about a half hour to roll the truck out of the way then push it back into the drive with the jeep.

This has just not been a good week for my preparedness ego. It's not enough to plan, you need to actually use the plan to see if it works.


Michael Hawkins said...

No, that'a great!

You've identfied a flaw in your plans. Or as my old teacher used to say: You'll only improve yourself when confronted with your mistakes.

theotherryan said...

Seeing the flaws helps alot. As for the truck don't get urself down. Sometimes logistical issues like a 1 car wide driveway trump the best planning.