Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rude Awakening

Something woke me up around 2:30 this morning.

As I was standing at the sink in the kitchen I noticed the flashing lights of a patrol car in the alley behind my house, directly behind my truck. The cruiser was just sitting there no spotlights no activity. Being 2:30 in the morning I just figured that they were tracking a drunk and headed back to bed.

Passing the living room I saw more flashing lights in front of the house. I looked out through the front curtains and spotted at least four more patrol cars parked right in front with lights going. As I watched two uniformed officers came down the sidewalk and stood looking at my house referencing a clipboard one of them carried. After a couple of minutes of studying the other officer motioned with his arm around towards the side of the house but did nothing. I could see two other officers one directly across the street and one with a rifle on the corner one house down.

Thinking this was some sort of dissident roundup, and determined not to be hauled naked from the house, I quickly ran to the bedroom and pulled on some clothes. (it was 2:30 and I wasn’t thinking really clearly) By the time I got back into the living room they were gone. Actually they had moved to the next block. I went out on the front porch and watched as they went through the same thing then moved on down the street. I don’t have any clue what they were doing but it got me to thinking.

What if the proverbial balloon went up and they really were there to track down the nonconformists. I am guessing that this is how they would do it; show up in the middle of the night, stick you in a truck and haul you off to the detention center with the rest of the enemy combatants
I always thought that I would be away when collapse started, that I would be relatively safe at my retreat. If I happened to get caught in the city I could wait it out with the supplies kept on hand then make way after the initial shock. But what if you are on a round up list…on the fated Rex 84 Red/Blue list or an Operation Falcon based purging.

How do you escape the brown shirts when they come for you? Post anonymously if that makes you more comfortable but I would really like to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.


Anonymous said...

It could have been a lot worse.
You could have run into this cop.

Anonymous said...

a rechargeable circular saw and a knowledge of modern building practices will get you out of many circumstances. don't be afraid to cut through walls and flooring, if they're just after the guy next door, a little spackle will fix everything up afterwards.

tjbbpgob said...

It will come just as you think, in the middle of the night just as it has from time immemorial. Nothing you can do about being aware 24/7, just hope for the best and try to take as many as you can to give to give the rest of us a little warning. I hope I'll be able to follow that advise and not piss myself.

Anonymous said...

Shooting until taken down is the best one can do in that situation. If theres just a couple its possible u could get out of there, though not probable.

I once read about a soviet who escaped the gulag just by grabbing a telephone pole and screaming his ass off which caused attention brown shirts don't want. The prefered situation for them is to have people just discapear in the middle of the night. People grabbed loudly in public don't bode well for that plan and can escape at least from that round.

judyofthewoods said...

Yikes! I am at least relieved you are here to tell the tale and not been dragged off or had a heart attack. That is so scary. Does sound like intimidation to me. If they were looking for a specific criminal, they would have gotten their details on address sorted before arriving in force and making a spectacle, and not gone from block to block with a clip board. Sounds like putting on a show and a mix of #5 and #6 on the list on your other website. Here is version of the 10 Steps to Fascism with extended description. So, are you still going to wait till summer to get out?

I'm not so sure that doing the banshee thing will always work, but 10:26 has a point there, in that they want to make it as easy for themselves as possible. This is why I think zoning laws exist, trying to corral people into easy to manage pens called towns and cities. I don't believe that environmental protection is any reason for those laws. If it were, logging companies, supermarkets and infrastructure would not be allowed to lay waste the land. No, they want to be able to round up dissidents as efficiently as possible and without undue hassle. Waco was probably an exception for a rural assault, as the sizable community was worth a go at. Ruby Ridge probably served more as a way of making an example. Rural assaults require a lot more manpower, time and resources, so the hills probably are the best place. I think a gulch serving as a neighborhood watch would alert members if there was a suspicious presence or activity to avoid a Ruby Ridge type incident.

Anonymous said...

I long ago made a vow, that if they come for me in the night, one of them will not go home to his family again.

In troubled times, how long will they continue if they run into resistance.

Anonymous said...

It would be a shame to shoot a cop who was at the wrong house looking to bust a drug dealer.

BigBear said...

A few years back in Denver the cops busted in to a susposed drug dealers house and killed the home owner when he failed to get out of the bed. They claimed he was resisting a lawful order and was reaching for a weapon.

The man shot was a paraplageic who couldn't get out of bed and was trying to move his legs over to fall on the floor. The police had the wrong house. If you are going to use deadly force you better be damn sure you have the correct house. If someone busts into my house...anyone, without knocking I will consider it a home invasion and kill them. I don't care if it is some thug or the police (hard to tell difference nowadays).

Anonymous said...

Being Ever Vigulant!! Get a HAM radio License, You would be surprised what you can learn from just monitoring the HAM bands. If you are really brave besome an ARRL Emergency Coodinator. You get access to many things even though you are not a LEO.

judyofthewoods said...

Just had another thought, connecting some dots.....Were you just very unlucky to have had two nasty experiences recently, or are they perhaps connected? Was the burglary really that, or perhaps a black book op. See if they may have not just taken stuff, but perhaps also left something little. Hopefully both can be eliminated through careful analysis of the events. One more thought, can you find out which house was targeted on the next block, and if there is another preper living there, or if indeed it was a normal crime bust?

It might also be worth checking amongst other prepers, if there were similar activities in their neighborhood.

BigBear said...


After talking to the Deputies at the cabin I am convienced that it was kids. We found evidence that they were huffing paint as well as drinking all the booze.

And the police incident was either some sort of survey thing or they really just had the wrong address. I think they were surveying something but either way it didn't really affect me, it only made me think about what I would do. I don't think that it was a bust...they just seemed to be moving down the block. It could have been a practice run for something but just not sure.

The Urban Survivalist said...

If the brown shirts come for me it really depends on the situation. If I know that I'll have my day in court (and I know that it'll be a fair trial) then I'm a lot more likely to go quietly. Just look at how ruby ridge went down. Sure it was a horrible tragedy but the guy got off and his surviving kids won millions in court.

Anonymous said...

Bigbear, that was also an (in)famous incident in Atlanta a couple years ago, where a "no knock" swat team killed an 92 year old woman who thought she had burglers.

On Nov. 21 of 2006, Atlanta police planted marijuana on Fabian Sheats, a "suspected street dealer." They told Sheats they would let him go if he "gave them something." Sheats obligingly lied that he had spotted a kilogram of cocaine nearby, giving them the address of the elderly spinster Miss Kathryn Johnston, who neither used nor dealt drugs, but who did live in fear of break-ins in her crime-infested neighborhood.

Police then lied to a judge, claiming they had actually purchased drugs at the Johnston house. They acquired one of those once-rare "no-knock" warrants, and violently battered down the reinforced metal door of a private home where there were no drugs.

Miss Johnston fired a single warning shot at the unknown people busting down her door in the middle of the night. That bullet lodged in the roof of her porch, injuring no one. Police replied by firing 39 rounds at her, hitting her six times, and wounding each other with another five rounds -- though they lied and said they had been shot by Miss Johnston.
They then handcuffed the old woman as she bled to death on the floor and searched her house. Finding no drugs, they planted three bags of marijuana.

The Atlanta DA charged all three officers with murder and burglary.
On April 26, 2007, two of the three pleaded guilty to manslaughter, violation of oath, criminal solicitation, and making false statements. One officer additionally pleaded guilty to perjury.
The third officer was still facing charges.

Furthermore, the federal probe into the police department revealed that Atlanta police routinely lied to obtain search warrants, including often falsifying affidavits, and that an atmosphere of "corruption, brutality, and criminality" existed within the entire department. The whole narcotics division was fired, and replaced.

I have an escape tunnel from the basement....and lots of ammunition.
Future plans include class iii/iv body armor.

Anonymous said...

The same thing here in Mt. Prospect, IL, around same date.
Betwen 1-3 AM, 3 police cars with the lights on in the back and one sitting with the lights off in the front by our car. Cops looking around, some taking notes. After 20to 30 min they left. No explanations.
We were worried they gonna kick the door or something, we have small kids. These days the cops behave more and more like criminals and we had previously logged a complaint with the MPPD department about the abusing behaviour of 2 officers who were later on punished.
The car alarm went on, later, so I suspect someone did touch the car.
Similar with the previous poster, we had signs of someone breaking in the apartment last year, but nothing was stolen.

I have the feeling we are on some list and they just did a cold run or maybe some cops want to get revenge on us, so when I read the first post the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

Anonymous said...

What about hiding in place, having a "houdini room"?

If we get to the point where we're actually worried about getting rounded up by the secret police, then my thinking is, trying to shoot it out with a swat team is a losing bargain.

They're likely going to come through the front door, with a battering ram or explosives designed for door breeching. Well, what if you armor your front door? Of course it's not going to _stop_ them, but the goal is just to slow them down.

If you could armor the front door such that it'd take them 5 min or so to breech the door, that'd give you long enough to get into the hidden "priest-hole" you already built in the closet or wherever.

Sitting in there, with a grenade or 2 or homemade explosives (or something you could plausibly CLAIM is a bomb) might make the difference between being dragged off to gitmo and a fair trial, too.

Of course, you'd have to have total secrecy on this stuff. If the secret police can find out that you got a priest hole, well, it all falls apart. Or they'd just take you leaving your office or on your way home or something.