Tuesday, March 4, 2008

February Recap

February sucked…that’s about it.

The month started off with the cabin getting robbed and ended Friday with me getting rear ended at a stop light. The creamy center was filled with shit as well the starter went out on the truck, fighting with the land lord over heat, and huge relationship problems that very nearly had me living on my own. These are now all resolved but with great effort.

My list of things to complete was untouched. I wanted to store back a years worth of food, put the land in a trust and pay taxes on the cabin. I at least got the taxes paid. I completely abandoned living off the survival foods I have stored but started back up again on the first. Four trips to the cabin in February, beefed up security and much higher than expected heating bills didn’t help the cash savings effort either.

In March I was going to upgrade the power system at the cabin but that will have to wait until I move to the site full time. To risky without living on site. Instead I will work on food storage issues and look into a diesel heater for the cabin.

The moving date is still set for the end of June. Just a reminder this blog is about my prep work to move into a simpler off grid lifestyle. I am working to leave the consumerist existence behind.

I will also get back into the habit of blogging everyday even when I have absolutely nothing of relevance to say to the world. I had a little over 8000 visitors to the site in February…Thanks everyone and stay out of trouble


judyofthewoods said...

Sounds like a bummer of a months. I hope March, and beyond, will be better for you.

Oldman in the Boonies said...

Hang in there dude! Our adventure to move here completely started 24 years ago, it has only been 5 years of living here 100% of the time. It always has had ups and downs and will continue I am sure. We are not off the grid and probably never will be 100%. Health issues make that impossible. So Accomplish what you can and be happy for it.

Alpine Acres said...

You'll have your ups and downs and they are not always between the sheets but you'll get through this and survive the next 3 months until you get down here and then the "Real work" begins!

You'll do fine!

fallout11 said...

Believe it or not, this kind of adversity is good practice for what it to come. Problem solving on the fly at its finest.