Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Business

Just about every evening I take a walk up along the old business district here in town. It's a great way to relax and gives me a little exercise. Anyway over the past several months I have noticed a great number of businesses closing down, probably half are in some state of closure. Most are little art shops or antique dealers but several brokers have gone as well as a couple of insurance agencies. A sign of the times.

Last night I found four new shops opening up. Two new bicycle shops, a "moped" like bike place and a company that sells used golf carts.

The bike shops are both high end with a wide variety of bicycles. Strangely they are both in the same block directly across the street from a high end crap gallery. I guess the logic is if you still have enough money for the high dollar crap then you can afford a fifteen hundred dollar bike.

The moped business is odd. They sell these fifties looking giant Schwinn type bikes (think PeeWee's Big Adventure) called Whizzers. These funky machines have a stylish 1.9 horse power gas motor mounted right above the pedals, hold 1.2 gallons of gas and get 120 miles to gallon. This new store is about a block down from the two new bike shops.

A new/used golf cart business has opened in an old car lot several blocks from the new bike businesses. They probably have forty used electric golf carts in various conditions and some new gas powered models. I don't want a golf cart but am curious what they are selling for I will check it out next week.

My bet is that next you will see some high end survival supply stores opening in the closed up shops maybe a solar powered goods store. Capitalism at its finest.


theotherryan said...

As the nation changes different sorts of bussinesses will appear. Think of lits of used stuff and fix it shops.

the texan said...

I just bought a 2004 gas ClubCar golf cart @ $3750 had about 850 hours on the meter and is good condition. Good tires etc.

I drive it to the mail box 3 miles everyday and the dumpster about 2 miles when I need to. The dog love to ride in it too.

The Hermit said...

Hmmm... I'm interested in the used electric golf carts.... I'll be curious about what you find out about the pricing. If they have a website, I'd appreciate your sharing that, too! Thanks!

BigBear said...


I will try to swing by in the next few days.