Saturday, March 1, 2008

Look, Green Beans

A real green bean

These are actually Tender Improved green beans planted on the November 7th, 2007. It took it a while but it finally started producing. This plant is somewhat stunted, it is only about a foot and a half tall.

There were only a couple of blooms on this plant small kinda violet flowers. I didn't think it would go anywhere but hey there it is .

That little green plant in the lower right hand corner is Kale a friend of mine gave me. It was planted a couple of weeks back. Seems to be doing good in the shade produced by the beans.

The other green bean planted in this container is a Contender variety. It is not looking so healthy which is unfortunate because I have another six of them that were just moved to the larger containers last week.

The biggest tomatoes are about two inches around and they are still flowering.

I started a hanging tomato planter. They seem to be doing OK I will get some pictures up later this week.


Alpine Acres said...

Lookin GREAT! Bet ya can't wait to have more room to do your gardening and let your talents really blossom!

Good Job Friend!


Anonymous said...


I will try this again. . . I am a technoplebe! The comment I just left was not for you, but someone else. The comment I wanted to post is that I am a writer teaching at Columbia University. As you can see from my message to the other guy, I'm keen on talking with people in Crestone.

I love your blog. You seem to be dealing with the same issues as me on many fronts, among them making the full time transition. I'd love to talk with you by phone a bit when you have time. Many thanks!!


Dale Maharidge

Michael Hawkins said...

I remember back when we had chickens ... I couldn't stomach the taste of bought eggs after they were gone.

I hear veggies are very much alike, as is hunted meat/factory farm meat.
I hope it works out, if so; you're in for some tasty and wholesome food that you produced yourself.

But don't forget that as your garden grows roots, so do you, and leaving, relocating will become far more painful.

I really hope that the bear ridge works out for you.

BigBear said...


I live in Colorado Springs...I will have no problems pulling up the roots and moving. Mountain Track knows what I am saying.