Friday, March 7, 2008

First Harvest

Today I harvested my first beans!

These beans looked finished so I plucked them. They were attached very well, had a hard time and broke the plant stem. I will need to be more careful in the future...or hire a custom harvester.

After harvest I snapped the ends off and sliced them into four equal servings so everyone in the family could have some. Yes I do include the dogs as family members, they both love green beans. I did not cook them just put them on a plate and passed around. It was very cult like.

The beans were tasty with a good texture.

That plant was stunted and is now broke so I doubt it will produce anything else but the other beans are now full of blooms and should be producing soon. I am interested to see how many beans can be grown on each plant.

Next I will pull the plant up, mulch it in the blender and add it to the soil bag completing the cycle.


judyofthewoods said...

Great to see beans harvested from your home in March in Colorado. How many food inches is that?

Anonymous said...

Consider small snips or garden scissors for removing the beans from the plant next time. Less damaging, and a cleaner cut.