Friday, March 14, 2008

Small Beans

I just wanted to update everyone on the new beans I have coming in.

This pot holds three Contender variety green bean and they were planted on January 28th, 2008. In this picture I just wanted to point out how the blooms are attached to the end of the bean pod. The bean actually grows behind the bloom, it continues like this for awhile and eventually the flower drops off.

If the bean is cut from the plant carefully it will continue to bloom and produce for several cycles before dying off. The beans should be harvested when they reach pencil width. At this point in development they have a very distinctive "snap" when broken.

I have a new batch of Tender Improved green beans and some peas just about ready to go into the big pots.

I will keep you updated.

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oldman in the boonies said...

Very nice to see you have little Veggy fruits.